Future Cooks River Safe Swimming Spot

As part of the ongoing campaign to make the Cooks River swimmable again, on 2 July Marrickville Council gave in principle support for the nomination of Kendrick Park as a potential, future safe swimming site on the Cooks River. Council has also called for a report on progress towards its goal to make the Cooks River swimmable again, including water monitoring.

Kendrick Park was nominated by the Marrickville Cooks River Committee, a community advisory committee in operation since 2005, and established with the support of Greens on Council.

It is part of Marrickville Council’s 2023 Strategic Vision that “the environment is healthy and native plants and animals are thriving. The community works together to achieve the vision of swimming in the Cooks River and to minimise its ecological footprint.”

Kendrick Park was selected because of its accessibility, toilet/ change facilities and predicted better water quality compared to other sites in the LGA. Council and residents have done considerable work over recent years to upgrade the banks of the river, on bush regeneration, and to establish new seating, signage and landscaping at the site.


The Cooks River Valley Association has been campaigning to achieve a healthy river which is safe for swimming. Earlier this year local Greens Councillors joined members of the CRVA and other local residents at a No Swimming Carnival in the banks of the Cooks River. As part of the campaign they have launched a postcard to the Premier, asking for more investment to help clean up the river. The postcard features a photo of the original Cooks River Surf Life Saving Club.

Campaign Postcard to clean up the Cooks River by the Cooks River Valley Association

Campaign Postcard to clean up the Cooks River by the Cooks River Valley Association

For more information about the campaign see the CRVA website.

You can also contact the Greens Councillor David Leary, who represents Council on the Cooks River Valley Committee 2012-3, on Mob: 0409 421 323 or email dleary@marrickville.nsw.gov.au

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