Vote on markets’ future Tuesday

Marrickville Councillors will vote to save or shut down the Newtown Markets at their meeting this Tuesday 15 October 2013. Please show your support for the markets by sending an email or text to the Marrickville Councillors.


  • Contact the Marrickville Councillors before Tuesday’s meeting at or by phone on the contacts below
  • Come to the markets on Saturday and sign the petition by the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre
  • Come to the meeting at 6.30pm Tuesday 15 October, Council Chambers, 2-14 Fisher St, Petersham

You can also

Greens Newtown Markets

The Greens have been campaigning to save the markets. Greens Marrickville Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore said: “The markets are a much loved part of Newtown. The Greens want to see more local markets which promote our creative arts, promote local manufacturers, encourage use of our public spaces, and raise much needed funding for community programs. I am calling on the other Marrickville Councillors to vote to KEEP the Newtown Markets.”

Newtown Market Stall 20 August 2013   Newtown Market Stall 20 August 2013

180818 Markets Stall Residents SE CL mid res

Greens Clr Sylvie Ellsmore talks to residents signing petitions in support of the markets, August 2013

Why did the Council vote to shut the markets show down?

In August this year the newly elected Liberals and some of the Labor Councillors on Marrickville Council voted to shut down the community market, by rejecting the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre’s Development Application (DA) for use of Newtown Square. Tuesday’s meeting will decide the appeal against this decision.

The Councillors who moved to shut down the markets claimed that the markets: compete with local business; are an “inappropriate use” of the square; and there were problems with the DA. In fact, Councillors had received glowing reports about the positive impact on local business, and staff recommended approval of the DA. Copies of the papers provided to Councillors at their August meeting can be found in a previous post here.

Newtown Markets are good for business and the community

The markets are good for the whole community – they are enjoyed by local residents, with more than 2000 signing petitions in support – and importantly the markets fund some of the community programs run by the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre.

Newtown Markets are strongly supported by local businesses. A recent survey of 100 businesses on King St and Enmore Road found 87% of local businesses in Newtown support the markets and most think it increases business. A report by Council staff found the markets have been a successful “incubator”, giving several emerging businesses their start through a stall at the markets.

Copies of the Council papers for Tuesday’s Council meeting can be found on the Marrickville Council website – Item 5, Bedford Square (also known as Newtown Square).

Who are your Marrickville Councillors and do they support the markets?*

√ Greens Clr Sylvie Ellsmore 0403 977 213

√ Greens Clr Melissa Brooks 0409 235 802

√ Greens Clr Max Phillips 0419 444 916

√ Greens Clr David Leary 0409 421 323

√ ALP Clr Jo Haylen 0417 114 404

√ ALP Clr Sam Iskander 0421 494 515

X ALP Clr Chris Woods 0425 363 209

X ALP Clr Emanuel Tsardoulias 0432 684 120

X Liberal Clr Mark Gardiner 0402 424 987

X Liberal Clr Rosana Tyler 0414 859 630

X Conservative Independent Clr Victor Macri 0408 219 260

X Conservative Independent Clr Morris Hanna 0417 660 997

*Based on most recent votes

Group email all Councillors at or download the full Councillor Contact List here.

To follow the campaign or the Greens on Marrickville Council go to

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