Free park wifi on track

***15 Oct 2013 UPDATE***

The Greens program for free wifi in local parks is set to start soon, with the 6 trial sites due to become live on 26 October 2013. The Camperdown trial will include solar power. Following the trial the Greens hope to see expanded free wifi across all public spaces and parks in the LGA.

Click to download a copy of recent Wifi Questions on Notice by the Greens about the implementation of the trial.

For more background about the Greens ongoing campaign for free wifi see previous post below

16 August 2013

Marrickville Council has voted to install free wireless internet in six trial ‘hotspots’, including several of Council’s most popular parks: Camperdown Memorial Park, the Newtown Art Seat, the WaterPlay Park at Steele Park, the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre at Enmore Park and Marrickville Road.

Greens Councillors Melissa Brooks and Sylvie Ellsmore with local resident at Camperdown Memorial Park

Greens Councillors Melissa Brooks and Sylvie Ellsmore with local resident at Camperdown Memorial Park

Greens Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore, who moved the motion at the July Council meeting, said “The Greens have been working towards free wifi in our main pedestrian strips and parks for several years.”

Greens Councillor Max Phillips said, “Staying connected is increasingly important in today’s world, so providing free wifi in our parks gives residents options to enjoy the outdoors while staying connected.

“Free wifi in our parks gives those without much means to have their own connection will be able to connect to the internet, which is increasingly important in today’s society,” Clr Phillips said.

Clr Ellsmore said, “The Greens had identified several models for solar powered internet hubs which would work in our local area, and went to the Local Council election promising to implement a trial.

“We knew that the technology was available, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable,” she said.

After earlier reports examined models that were too costly for Council, the Greens pushed for further work to identify more cost effective options. The report received by Council at its July meeting identified several companies which could deliver hotspots with an initial 30-50 metre range at only $3,500 per site, and an option to become solar powered.

Council voted to implement the trial for 3 years, with a review in 12 months. Council also moved to explore options to promote public notifications and create revenue through the trial. A copy of the full recommendation passed by Council is below.

“Free wifi is a simple, local action that Councils can take which is good for business, and good for our communities. It’s just another small way we can encourage people to use and enjoy our public spaces and parks,” Clr Ellsmore said.

Media contact:             Greens Clr Sylvie Ellsmore 0403 977 213

16 July 2013 Council meeting (Clr Ellsmore)

Item 23 – Deployment of Public Wi-fi HotSpots at some of Marrickville’s main public places 


  1. Proceed immediately with the implementation of a trial of public internet Wi-Fi Hot-Spots across the Marrickville LGA;
  1. Implement the trial at six sites:
  • Newtown Square and Newtown Art Seat;
  • Camperdown Memorial Rest Park;
  • Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre and surrounding Enmore Park;
  • Alex Travillion Plaza, Marrickville Road;
  • Debbie Abbey Borgia Sports Centre; andThe Waterplay Park/ Steele Park adjoining the Cooks River.

3. Funding for the project to be considered in the next Budget Review of $65,000 over three years, or the equivalent of $3,500 per site per year, to fund the trial

4. Undertake further investigations to identify whether the Hot-Spots can be solar powered and, if this is an economically viable option, proceed with implementing solar powered Hot-Spots;

5. Noting the 30-50 metre likely range of the Wi-fi Hot Spots, where possible within the budget implement a second Wi-fi mode at one of the parks listed above to increase the reach across the whole area;

6. Delegate the General Manager to engage the company to install the HotSpots which is identified as the best value for money, under one of the options in the Confidential Meeting Papers, following further investigations to secure large or unlimited downloads where possible, within the confines of the approved budget;

7. Provide a further report to Council on options for Council to use the Hot Spots to:

a. Promote the work of Council and make community announcements; and/ or

b. Create revenue for Council through advertising; and

c. Provide a report on the implementation of the HotSpots to Council after 12 months.

See also 19 February 2013 Council meeting: Item 8 Deployment of Wi-fi Internet at Council’s Main Parks Feasibility Report, available from

Greens Councillors Melissa Brooks and Sylvie Ellsmore with local resident at Camperdown Memorial Park

Greens Councillors Melissa Brooks and Sylvie Ellsmore with local resident at Camperdown Memorial Park

For more information about the Greens campaign for free wifi check out some of our older posts including this post from February 2013 at

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