Greens preselect Max Phillips for seat of Summer Hill


Greens Summer Hill Election Committee

Greens preselect Max Phillips for seat of Summer Hill

Max Phillips, a Councillor on Marrickville Council for the past six years, has been preselected as the Greens candidate for the electorate of Summer Hill for the 2015 State Election.  Max Phillips has lived in the Inner West all his life and currently lives in Ashfield with his partner Claire and two young daughters. He works in state parliament, mostly on the campaign to oppose coal seam gas, and was previously an advisor to former Australian Greens leader Bob Brown.

Max Phillips photoGreens Returning Officer Bev Lloyd said: “A grassroots membership preselection process involving a postal ballot of all Greens members living in the electorate as well as two candidate forums has preselected Max Phillips to be the Greens candidate for the seat of Summer Hill at the 2015 state election.

“Summer Hill is a new electorate created after a 2013 redistribution abolished the electorate of Marrickville and created the electorates of Newtown and Summer Hill.  While it is nominally a Labor seat, demographic change and the retirement of Carmel Tebbutt means it will be a genuine contest between the Greens and Labor,” she said.

Councillor Max Phillips said: “I’m honoured to be the Greens candidate for Summer Hill and plan to run a vigorous and high-profile campaign.

“I will campaign for clean politics. People are sick of the corruption, the lobbying, the donations, the favours for mates and the snouts in the trough.  It’s simply not acceptable and the Greens will offer a package of reforms to clean up politics and smash corruption.

“The Greens stand for clean energy – we need to move to renewable energy such as solar and wind, and away from dirty coal and coal seam gas.  As the father of two beautiful young daughters, I am serious and committed about switching to clean energy to save the climate and their future.

“While the Inner West is a great place to live, we have real issues with housing affordability, childcare availability, public transport and road congestion, and bad developments affecting the character of our neighbourhoods.  My fellow Greens and I have a strong record representing the community on these issues and taking on vested interests.

“I will offer the voters of Summer Hill a genuine and credible option to the broken and corrupt politics of Labor and the Liberals,” he said.


Candidate Max Phillips 0419 444 916

Returning Officer Bev Lloyd 0402 433 538

Photo of Max Phillips can be downloaded here 

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