Labor & Liberal vote against transparency through internet streaming

Marrickville Greens – media release21 May 2014

Labor & Liberal vote against transparency through internet streaming

The Greens are extremely disappointed that Labor and Liberal Councillors voted against internet streaming of Marrickville Council meetings.  Greens Councillor Max Phillips said the vote against live streaming council meetings shows a preference by Labor, Liberal and Independent Councillors to conduct council as a cosy club rather than use technology to increase transparency and accessibility.

“I’m very disappointed that Labor and Liberal Councillors have voted against a simple technological measure to increase the accountability and accessibility of Marrickville Council,” said Greens Councillor Max Phillips.council streaming

“We heard a whole bunch of excuses and dodgy straw man arguments to justify voting against this very simple measure for transparency.

“Wollongong Council, Warringah Council, Mudgee Council, Launceston, Gold Coast and many other jurisdictions around Australia and the world provide a webcast of council meetings to improve accountability and accessibility. Marrickville Council should be leading the way on transparency, not dragging its heels.

“Mayor Haylen should tell Marrickville residents exactly why their council will not provide the  accessibility and transparency that residents in other council areas receive.

“Since putting the idea forward on local social media, I’ve had nothing but very strong support and excitement for web streaming council meetings.  Mayor Jo Haylen and the Councillors who voted against this basic measure of transparency are out of touch with local residents.

“Marrickville Council is not immune from temptations for corruption and has certainly has witnessed bad and bullying behaviour by councillors.  We should be seeking to implement measures for clean politics and it is very disappointing that this opportunity has been rejected by Labor and Liberal Councillors.

“The Greens will not give up and we will continue to move measures to maximise community access to Council’s decision-making processes,” he promised.

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