Let’s Invest in Bike Paths – Budget 2014

Outside the City of Sydney, more people in Marrickville ride to work than anywhere else in NSW, but our bike infrastructure is sadly falling behind.

Since 2007 Marrickville Council have built just 9% of the bike paths identified in its comprehensive bike plan. The Greens are campaigning to increase Council’s annual investment in bike paths to $1 million.

That is less than 4% of the total capital budget, but it would show a real commitment to cyclists and get us back on track to meet our goals.

Better bike paths are a crucial part of our plan for a sustainable and liveable city. Effective bike infrastructure means cyclists and pedestrians are safer. It reduces travel times, reduces pollution and makes our streets more enjoyable for everyone.

We can make this happen. Investment by the City of Sydney has seen bike use increase dramatically, moving more people than roads at a fraction of the cost. We can do the same. We have a plan, we just need the political will.

That’s where you come in. We don’t have the numbers by ourselves on Council. We will only make this happen if all of us let the Labor and Liberal Councillors know its time to invest in bike paths.

Email your local Councillors to let them know you want a properly funded bike plan, not just empty words. You can find a list of the Councillors for your area here:


You can also send an email which will be received by all Marrickville Councillors by using the email address councillors@marrickville.nsw.gov.au

You can register to speak to item 11 at the Council meeting, on Tuesday 24th June 2014 at 6.30pm, at which the Council’s 2014-5 budget will be debated and adopted. Council meetings are held at the Petersham Administration Building, 2-14 Fisher Street, near Petersham Station. You can register by filling in this form:


Strangely, this item is called the ‘Draft Integrated Planning and Reporting Plans’, rather than the ‘Budget’ in the Council Papers. There is more information here.

And the background document can be downloaded here (the bike path item is on p.78).

And you can see all the budget information in the answers to questions we put on notice earlier in the year. The questions by the Greens reveal that we are meeting only 9% of our bike targets, and that only one bike route will be completed each year, unless we increase our budget.

Together we can make this happen!

For more information about the Greens’ campaigns for better bike paths visit our Bike-Friendly Streets webpage.

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