Greens will fight to protect Beynon & Hayward heritage building

Marrickville Greens – media release
7 July 2014

The Marrickville Greens have declared they will do all they can to protect the iconic Beynon & Hayward building at 6 Livingstone Road, after Council split 6 – 6 last Tuesday to reject an expert heritage report that the building had significant heritage value.  A rescission motion was lodged, which means the issue will be revisited by Council on 4 August.

The heritage study conducted to NSW government guidelines has clearly found this building has significant heritage value, is one of the last few examples of this type of industrial architecture left in the Inner West, and should be granted heritage status to protect it.

“It would be shocking for Councillors to allow it to be demolished to expand a council car park,” said Greens Councillors Max Phillips.

“I know this is an iconic building that is much loved in our community and the Greens will do all we can to protect its heritage value.

“Development of the council car park and other areas can still occur, it will just need to work with and protect the heritage value.

“The argument that we can’t declare this particular building heritage because it might mess with a developer’s plans and Council’s own wishes to expand the Chester Street car park, goes against the whole notion of heritage protection.>

“Heritage decisions should be blind to who may want to develop a particular site. They should be purely made on whether a building has heritage value or not.

“It concerns me that some Councillors seem to be more concerned about protecting the interests of a potential developer, than about protecting the remaining heritage fabric of the Inner West.

“The numbers are finely balanced on this decision and the ball is in the Labor Councillor’s court.  They can vote to destroy heritage or they can vote to preserve it,” he said.

Contact: Cr Max Phillips 0419 444 916

Attachments: 1) Report on Beynon & Hayward building is here.  2) Transcript of the meeting debate is here. 3) Photo of the building is here.

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