Victoria Road precinct re-zoning a big and bad idea

Marrickville Greens – Media Release

27 August 2014

The Marrickville Greens have warned that a proposed re-zoning of industrial areas along Victoria Road, Marrickville to residential is a bad idea that will drastically change the face of Marrickville, is outside of existing urban plans, and signaled they will oppose sending it for gateway approval when it comes before Council next week.

The proposal involves rezoning 18.03 hectares of industrial land into residential or mixed residential/industrial. That’s bigger than Harold Park’s 12.6ha and almost as big as Barangaroo at 22ha. It would have 3,080 new dwellings – apartments. The area is directly underneath the flight path for the main North-South runway.

“Council should reject this developer-pushed rezoning plan as it just doesn’t stack up other than as potential profits for property developers. Under the Marrickville Urban Plan, and Local Environment Plan, as well as the state’s Sub-Regional Plan, this area was to be protected as employment lands,” said Greens Councillor Max Phillips.

“To undermine all previous planning strategies just because a developer makes a request, would make a mockery of Council’s planning system and insults all those citizens and businesses who engaged in consultation in drafting our planning strategies.

“To build this many new residences under the final approach flight path in a high noise 30-35 ANEF noise area would be unprecedented and be a noise nightmare for future residents. That some of the proposed buildings are 14 storeys or 50 metres high is also a concern. Federal aviation authorities may have serious issues in terms of obstacle limitation.

“The Victoria Road precinct is also relatively far away from a train station. One of the goals of the Marrickville Urban Plan has been to concentrate high density around our train stations. Adding this many residences to Victoria Road area may overload local bus services and add to congestion on already highly congested routes.

“The Greens are also concerned about the loss of employment lands. Manufacturing and creative industries and associated jobs will be forced out of the area under this plan. Creative and bespoke industries are undergoing a revival in Marrickville’s industrial areas. It would be a shame to see these new industries replaced by generic convenience stores and empty shops below apartment buildings.

“While our industrial areas may not be superficially attractive, they provide important employment lands and a space for the creative industries to establish. Under this plan we will get generic apartments and this part of Marrickville will be just like Kogarah or Hurstville, or Rockdale.

“Ultimately, if Council is to accept this developer’s proposal and send it up to the Department of Planning for Gateway Approval, it will be seen as Council endorsing this rezoning proposal. It should not.

“Council should shrug off pressure from developers and reject this proposal for the greater good of the community and the integrity of our planning system.”

Contact: Cr Max Phillips 0419 444 916

Download Councillor briefing

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