10 September, 2014

Exploratory drilling for the Westconnex motorway will take place at 18 different sites in Tempe, Sydenham, and St Peters this month, Marrickville Greens Councillor David Leary revealed today.

“When Councillors were advised early this month that drilling would commence in September  I wanted to know exactly where this drilling would be. So I asked questions on notice asking for these sites to be identified ”, commented Clr Leary.

“I was absolutely stunned to see drilling will take place at 18 different locations including St Peters Public School and Sydney Park” commented Clr Leary.

“While this may be dismissed by the State government as simply exploratory drilling, we can now start to see what the possible route for Westconnex may look like. No wonder the State government has wanted to keep this all secret” noted Clr Leary

“This is very disturbing news. I am especially concerned to see drilling will take place at St Peters Public School and Sydney Park. This is sheer madness. What on earth is this rotten state government thinking?” exclaimed Clr Leary.

Exploratory drilling will take place this month at the following locations:

  1. Kendrick Park, Tempe
  2. Princes Highway, Tempe near Kendrick Park;
  • Princes Highway, Tempe/Kendrick Park near Bay Street (west);
  1. 886-896 Princes Highway Tempe;
  2. Brooklyn street, Tempe, near no 10;
  3. Samuel street, Tempe near no 20;
  • Sydenham Green, Sydenham near Coptic Orthodox Church building;
  • George street, Sydenham, approximately 30 metres from Princes Highway
  1. Grove street, St Peters, approximately 30 metres west of Princes Highway;
  2. Berne Street, St Peters, approximately 30 metres east of Princes Highway
  3. In or near no 1 Canal Road St Peters;
  • In 314 Princess Highway, St Peters (Dial a dump site);
  • Roberts street, St Peters, near Roberts Lane;
  • Edith street, St Peters, near no 9;
  1. 93A Church street, St Peters (St Peters Public School);
  • 110 Campbell street, St Peters;
  • 4-16 Campbell Street, St Peters and
  • Barwon Park Road, St Peters (or in adjoining Sydney Park)

Some of these locations involve multiple boreholes. Transport for NSW has advised that the locations are approximate and will be dictated by conditions on site at the time of drilling.

This information is contained in next weeks Council business paper which will be available on Marrickville councils web site Wednesday.

Media contact: Clr David Leary 0409 421 323

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