State Election 2015

In 2015 we have the opportunity to reset NSW politics. To create a clean economy, a fair and inclusive society and to remove the corrupting influence of money politics.

In the inner west we will be campaigning to keep our communities diverse, our housing affordable, to transition to 100% renewables and to build a 21st century public transport system.

At this election we have a real choice between:

  • privatisation vs public investment
  • money politics vs democracy
  • cuts in community services vs investment in a caring community
  • massive new road projects vs investment in public transport
  • dirty coal vs renewable energy
  • the politics of fear vs an inclusive society, and
  • discrimination vs human rights for all.

Meet the Greens candidates

Jenny Leong heashot

With the creation of the new seat of Newtown, when residents go to the polls on 28 March 2015 they will have the opportunity to elect the Greens candidate Jenny Leong, a human rights activist and former president of the University Sydney postgraduate association.


Learnt more about Jenny and support the Greens for Newtown campaign by visiting the Jenny Leong for Newtown website (local campaigns, media and upcoming events are posted here), volunteering, making a donation (the Greens only take donations for individuals, not businesses) or following the campaign on Facebook.

Max Corflute design one small

In Summer Hill, the former seat known as Marrickville, the Greens candidate is experienced Greens Councillor Max Phillips. Max has a strong track record of defending the interests of residents of the Inner West, fighting off bad developments, exposing dodgy dealings and campaigning for greater transparency in government.  Read about Clr Phillips media releases and campaigns on this site, or follow the Max Phillips for Summer Hill campaign on Facebook.

To meet other Greens candidates in the 2015 State Election, to download Greens policies, volunteer or donate to the State campaign visit the State campaign website.

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