Voters should send a clear message on asset sales

Media Release – Max Phillips, Greens candidate for Summer Hill


10 February 2015


The Greens candidate for Summer Hill, Max Phillips said today that Summer Hill voters should use the 28 March state election to send a clear message on privatisation of public assets, citing a Ipsos poll that found only 23% of NSW voters supported the sale or partial lease of electricity assets.


“The poles and wires are a monopoly, so flogging them off to a private corporation will just lead to households getting ripped off as the private corporation seeks to maximise its profits,” said Max Phillips.


“NSW needs to undergo a significant transformation of our energy network over the next decade to switch from fossil fuels to clean energy.  Selling the distribution network only complicates the transition task and will build in a resistance to change.


“Voters in Queensland sent a very clear message that they did not want public asset sold off, by emphatically voting the Newman government out of office.  NSW voters have this same power and asset sales will be a major election issue.


“The Greens are opposed to the privatisation of public assets, particularly selling a monopoly to a private corporation.  If elected to parliament I would vote against privatisation.


“Private ownership of monopolies brings the downsides of capitalism like the exploitation of consumers and workers and a short-term outlook, without the benefits of a competitive market.


“With bond rates at an all time low around the world, government’s have an opportunity to raise funds for infrastructure projects without selling public assets.  The Greens support leveraging the historically low bond rate to invest in key projects such as improving Sydney’s public transport network and extending the light rail.


“The Liberal Party’s privatisation fetish demonstrates that they care less about good economic policy and more about delivering for their corporate supporters.  The government’s support for a significant price rise for electricity shows they want to fatten the lamb for sale, while disregarding the impact on households.”


Contact: Max Phillips 0419 444 916


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