Greens move for giant slip & slide for Marrickville Festival

Update! Marrickville Council votes unanimously to trial the Slip and Slide at the 2015 Marrickville Festival. For more info see the media release before the vote, below, and watch this space!
Marrickville Greens – media release
11 March 2015
Greens Councillor Max Phillips is moving a motion for Marrickville Council to investigate hiring a giant slip and slide for the 2015 Marrickville Festival, saying such an attraction would add a new and fun element to the popular festival.
Recently various cities in Australia and overseas have enjoyed a street slide, or giant slip and slide. The street slide takes the very Australian backyard Summer tradition of a few sheets of plastic, detergent and a hose to the next level. It offers up to 315 metres of slip-sliding fun.
“I saw some news footage of a giant slip and slide being enjoyed in Perth and immediately thought how cool would it be to have one run down Marrickville or Illawarra Road at the next Marrickville Festival,” said Greens Councillor Max Phillips.
“The Marrickville Festival is often held on a scorching hot day and I think this attraction would be enjoyed by both our younger residents, and the young-at-heart.
“I understand these giant slip & slides started as an art installation in the United Kingdom, but has since evolved into a commercial operations that can install a slide overnight and recycle the water they use.
“Marrickville Council has adopted the Sunday Streets idea where  roads are reclaimed for physical and fun activities.  What could be more fun than a giant slip & slide?”
Contact: Max Phillips 0419 444 916

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