Significant swing to the Greens makes Summer Hill a Greens-Labor marginal

Greens for Summer Hill – Media Release
30 March 2015


The Greens are very pleased with the significant positive swing of around 3.5% in Summer Hill to make it a Greens-Labor marginal, saying the result put the Labor Party on notice as Greens support marches West.  He said Labor should heed the message from voters and change their policy on the WestConnex motorway to outright opposition.


The Greens vote will be about 28% after all the pre-poll, absentee and enrolment votes are counted and tallied, and the swing required to take the seat will be around 10%.


“I’m very happy with the significant swing to the Greens and the fact we’ve relegated the Liberals to a clear third place.  The new electorate of Summer Hill is a clear Greens-Labor marginal from its creation,” said Greens candidate Max Phillips.


“Labor are now on notice that the Greens will mount a strong challenge for Summer Hill in the years ahead, and demographic change is working strongly in the Greens’ favour.


“There is a lot of concern about the WestConnex motorway, about housing affordability in the Inner West and strong support for a transition to clean energy and to protect our food producing areas from mining and coal seam gas.


“I thank all the thousands of people who voted Greens, and we promise to keep campaigning for progressive policies and hold both Labor and Liberal to account.


“In 2003, the Greens scored 28% in the old seat of Marrickville. Now part of that area has been absorbed into the new seat of Newtown where Greens candidate Jenny Leong was easily elected.


“We will seek to turn Summer Hill into a Greens seat over the next decade.  The Greens are prying open the two-party system so that voters have a more diverse and truly progressive choice.


“Congratulations to Jo Haylen as the MP for Summer Hill and I wish her well in the role. I hope she keeps in mind the progressive nature of the electorate and represents it strongly in the NSW Parliament.”


Contact: Max Phillips 0419 444 916

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