Newtown: Green from the beginning

With the highest primary vote ever recorded by the Greens in a state or federal electorate, Newtown has become Greens from the very beginning. Jenny Leong will be the member for Newtown in the next parliament, joining Jamie Parker and the new Greens MP for Ballina, Tamara Smith. We are still waiting on late returns to see what happens in Lismore, where the Greens recorded a swing of over 20% from the Nationals.

The Newtown campaign was one of the largest and most energetic of the election. Working closely with the community on issues like West Connex, affordable housing and human rights,  The Greens received approximately 60% of the two candidate preferred vote.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated, spoke to friends and voted for the Greens in Newtown. We can now look forward to four years of working together to change progressive politics in NSW. Jenny is in the process of setting up her office, in the meantime you can contact our new MP through her website:

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