Public Meeting 10 June: No Forced Amalgamations

PUBLIC MEETING – Petersham Town Hall Wednesday 10 June 7.30pm
Come to the public meeting organised by Marrickville Council to hear why Marrickville is better off NOT amalgamating and why the State Government’s amalgamation process is FLAWED. 
The NSW Government wants Marrickville to amalgamate with Canada Bay, Ashfield, Burwood, Leichhardt and Strathfield – even though an overwhelming majority of the Marrickville community has said “NO” to amalgamation. Importantly also – detailed business modelling has been conducted by Council which clearly shows that Marrickville will be much worse off financially if amalgamated.  We stand to lose the LOCAL in local government and the sense of COMMUNITY in Marrickville.
Find out more at the meeting, or visit the Save Our Councils campaign pages:
The meeting has been organised following successful Greens motions through Marrickville Council. Read the 25 May 2015 media release from the Petersham-Newtown-Marrickville Greens at

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