Local firefighter Jim Casey Grayndler candidate 2016

Local Firefighter Jim Casey wins Greens preselection for Granydler, flags a strong community campaign on saving the climate, housing affordability, and stopping Westconnex.

Career firefighter Jim Casey has been preselected to contest the electorate of Grayndler for the Greens at the federal election next year.

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale has thrown his support behind Casey. “Jim has served proudly as a firefighter since 2001, and has stood up for the rights of his co-workers in his role with the NSW Fire Brigade Employees Union”, he said.

Casey, 45 has lived in inner Sydney for the last quarter century and is currently the State Secretary of the NSW FBEU. He lives with his partner and their two young children.

Commenting on the preselection outcome, Casey said he was honoured to be the Greens candidate and determined to put tremendous energy into winning the seat.

“As a firefighter I have seen with my own eyes increased extreme weather behaviour brought about by climate change.  We need action now.

“Sydney is a beautiful, diverse, and vibrant place. But it is at risk of becoming unliveable. We need to take on the challenge of housing affordability, of decent public infrastructure, and sustainable development if we want our city to remain a place for all.”

Di Natale adds, “Jim represents Greens values in action, and he would make a wonderful representative for the people of Grayndler.”

Further information: Jim Casey 0420 828 502 (Candidate), Django Merope Synge 0420 365 887 (Greens NSW)

1 December 2015

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