Affordable housing

Affordable housing is a key social justice issue and remains one of the top issues of concern for Marrickville residents. The Greens on Marrickville Council have committed to take action to address the growing affordable housing crisis in the inner west.

Marrickville residents experience a high rate of housing stress, with an increasing number of low and moderate income families and individuals being forced out of the inner west by high rents and housing prices.

The diversity of the Marrickville community is strongly related to the affordability of housing, as rising housing costs mean that many people cannot afford to live in the area. The lack of affordable housing makes it particularly difficult for people for younger and older people, single parent families, people with a disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, and workers on lower incomes.

In 2012 only 18% of residents believe that housing in Marrickville is affordable and renters are under particular stress, with rents in the LGA rising more than 50% in the last five years. 95% of low income renters experience housing stress and there is a low level of social housing properties available for residents in the area, despite the high level of demand.

The Greens on Council are implementing a range of strategies to address housing affordability, including:

  • Exploring options on Council owned sites which may be suitable for the development of new affordable, social or community housing;
  • Working with local community service providers like the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre to assist boarding house residents and owners;
  • Supporting Council to better regulate boarding houses, provide information for boarding house residents about their rights and make development decisions which ensure that precious low income housing is not lost;
  • Working with other local Councils on strategies across the inner west and inner city for planning law reform to improve the tools for Councils to require affordable housing in new developments.

For more information contact one of your Greens Councillors.

This page last updated early 2015. For news on the latest affordable housing actions see the Media and Blog pages of this website. 

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