Better bike paths

The Greens are actively campaigning to:

  • To construct cycle infrastructure that improves safety and efficiency for cyclists, therefore encouraging more people to cycle
  • To install cycle parking and end-of-trip facilities and
  • Educate drivers about cyclists rights and safety.

See links below for some recent posts about the Greens actions to support improved bike infrastructure.

July 2015 – Council’s bike budget hits record $1.2 million

March 2015 – Cycle win for Newtown blackspot with Eliza St shared zone approved

Feb 2015 – Greens NSW launch integrated transport vision and commit $205 million to improving bike paths in Sydney

June 2014 – Council budget increase a win for cyclists

June 2014 – Let’s Fund our Bike paths


March 2014 – Marrickville Council commits to support Sunday Streets

March 2014 – Questions on Notice which reveal Council’s implementation of its Bike Strategy

February 2014 – Greens work with local bike activists to save the Carrington cycleway 

August 2013 – Greens support local bike share scheme

August 2012 – Greens target innerwest Bike Blackspots

For more information about the Green’ vision for cycling in the inner west visit our local ‘Promoting Cycling’ Vision page.

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