Climate Change



Climate change is the greatest challenge we face.  We must act to reduce our impact on the world and live in an environmentally sustainable way.

The consequences of runaway climate change are drastic not only for the environment, but also the economy and the social cohesion of societies.

All levels of government, and individuals must act to reduce emissions and avoid dangerous climate change.

The Australian Greens Senators are working for strong action on climate change at a national level.  As part of the agreement with Labor after the 2010 federal election the government has established a Climate Change Committee with the explicit aim of putting a price on carbon emissions.

Greens MPs in state parliament are working for clean energy and sustainable future through policies such as phasing out our dependence on coal, promoting renewable energy, increasing energy efficiency of our homes and industry.

At a local level The Greens councillors on Marrickville Council are pushing for policies to reduce Council’s carbon emissions and also for council to help local residents reduce their own emissions.

This Council term (2012-2016) Marrickville Council:

  • Has massively expanded solar and LED lighting in its facilities, following successful Greens campaigning
  • Is moving to divest from fossil fuels following a Greens motion
  • Launched the Our Solar Future website – a website run by local Councils to help local residents install solar power, solar hot water or heat pump hot water.

Last Council term the Greens also:


  • Moved this motion to investigate Council offering free energy audits and assisting in retro-fitting  homes and businesses for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Moved this motion to investigate Council assisting residents to install solar hot water and solar panels.

solar-panels-on-roof-smallPreviously The Greens had Marrickville Council adopt the Oil Depleition Protocol to deal with peak oil.  Council has committed to reduce its use of oil by 3% every year.

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