Container Deposit Legislation

A simple effective solution to promote recycling and reduce litter

Australians consume 5 billion drink containers each year. Container deposit legislation provides a direct financial incentive for people to recycle plastic, glass and aluminium containers rather than
litter or dispose of them in landfill.

Factored into the price of a beverage will be a 5 cent or 10 cent refundable fee paid to people who recycle the container or used to promote recycling.We need CDL

Recycling not only reduces land fill and litter and pollution, but also reduces greenhouse emissions as it uses less energy to recycle a container than to manufacture it from scratch. Production of aluminium is particularly bad for climate change.

South Australia has had container deposit legislation since 1975. South Australia has a recycling rate of over 80% compared to that for the rest of Australia of approximately 40%. Drink containers make up 28.4% of litter in NSW, but only 9.6% in South Australia.

State and Federal Bills

The Greens have introduced container deposit legislation into State Parliament, but the Labor and Liberal parties refuse to support this simple and effective solution. This leaves local residents and councils to clean up the mess.

Read about the Bill by the Greens jointly introduced into State Parliament by the Greens MP for Balmain, Jamie Parker, in 2012 here:

Read about the Greens work in Federal Parliament on the CDL campaign page of Senator Peter Wish-Wilson at:

Action on Council

The Greens successfully moved this motion at Marrickville Council.  The motion was amended and Council also wrote to then Minister for the Environment, Carmel Tebbutt. We received this response from the former Minister Tebbutt.  The response essentially says the thenstate government will rely on the packaging business to self-regulate.  This is a cop out and a fob to the packaging industry.

The Labor Party needs to work with the community to ensure that the NSW government implements a container deposit scheme as a proven and effective way of reducing litter and waste and promoting recycling.

What you can do

Tell your local member, Carmel Tebbutt, and the Labor Party needs to work with the community to ensure that the State and Federal governments needs to bring in container deposit laws.

Vote for your Greens candidates who will promote Container Deposit Legislation.

Check out the pages of your Greens MPs from the links above for campaigning tools including petitions.




On 19th of July 2008, The Greens held our own container buy back to show how simple and effective container deposit legislation can be.

View the leaflet for this event.

Watch a video on the event:

Over 2000 cans and bottle were received from local residents and the streets of Marrickville were cleaner for a few weeks.

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