No WestConnex!

This page last updated June 2015. For the latest see the website of the Greens WestConnex spokesperson – Greens MP Jenny Leong
WestConnex is a 33km motorway project proposed by Infrastructure NSW in 2012 and committed to by both past and current State and Federal governments (Liberal and Labor). In part, the proposed plan would extend the M4 from the Taverners Hill area to Strathfield and include the construction of a tunnel from Taverners Hill to St Peters via Camperdown. The mouth of the new tunnel will spit out next to Sydney Park. It will cost billions, slice through the inner west, requiring the compulsory acquisition of homes and dump thousands of trucks and cars into the inner city at St Peters.


The Greens are supporting the campaign to stop the Baird government’s $11.5 billion WestConnex toll road.

This new motorway will NOT solve Sydney’s transport problems – these will only be fixed through large-scale investment in integrated public transport.

The government must scrap the unsustainable WestConnex and invest in public transport projects now.

Construction is due to start on WestConnex in 2015, so there is still time to convince the government that Sydneysiders don’t want this toll road.

With an initial outlay of $1.8 billion dollars and a projected cost of between $10 billion and $13 billion dollars to be shouldered by the taxpayers – so far – Westconnex is the latest example of the State government’s failure to provide infrastructure that adequately addresses the needs of the people of Sydney.

Your Greens State and Federal MPs – standing up to WestConnex

The Greens have been supporting the campaign against WestConnex in Parliament and on the streets. Click on the link to read the Sydney Morning Herald article by Greens MP for the new State seat of Newtown, Jenny Leong – Sydney: Together we can stop WestConnex.

Greens Councillors, MPs and candidates at the community action to stop WestConnex, March 2015, Sydney Park

Greens Councillors, MPs and candidates at the community action to stop WestConnex, March 2015, Sydney Park

To read more about the WestConnex project and the Greens’ alternatives:

You can also:

  • Write to the Roads Minister, the Hon. Duncan Gay, using the form letter in our DoGooder campaign.
  • Sign the Greens’ petition to build the Inner West Light Rail Link.
  • Join your local No WestConnex or Stop WestConnex Action Group on FaceBook.

Your Local Councillors – standing up to WestConnex 

Your Local Greens Councillors have been actively fighting WestConnex. On the 5th February 2013 the Greens successfully moved that Marrickville Council: “formally oppose the WestConnex motorway and widening of the M5 East and any other motorway proposal that will have negative impacts on the Wolli Creek Regional Park, the Tempe Wetlands and any other part of the Marrickville Local Government Area.” Following this, the State Government agreed to protect the Tempe Wetlands.

However the support of Labor and Liberal Councillors for the project as a whole continues, and Marrickville Council is yet to formally vote against the project as a whole.

More information about local Greens campaigning through Council is outlined in Media Releases . Some examples include:

18 December 2014 Greens join pop up protest and prevent test drilling at St Peters

10 September 2014 Greens questions reveal sites for test drilling

drilling sites

August 2014 – Ashfield Park saved – now for the rest

This fight has a history – we won once and we can again

The Greens stood with the community in opposing the past, failed road projects that would have ripped a hole in the heart of the inner west – the M4 East and Marrickville Tunnel, and the M5 Expansion through Tempe.

Unlike this time around, in the past the Greens and the community have been able to convince the Labor and conservative Councillors to stand up against these destructive, doomed proposals. Read about the history here.

Former Greens Councillors Cathy Peters and Peter Olive, with ALP Councillors including former Mayor Sam Iskander

Former Greens Councillors Cathy Peters (centre) and Peter Olive (right), with ALP Councillors including former Mayor Sam Iskander (left)

Also click the links below to read more about local Greens’ support for past community campaigns against:

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