M5 Expansion


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The RTA has proposed to expand the number of lanes on the M5 motorway, build a second M5 tunnel, and build an additional road that connects to Southern Sydney. The additional road will be raised and two lanes in each direction.

The road’s route is proposed to go through Tempe and connect to Euston and Campbell Roads. The RTA have said they expect 1,800 vehicles to use the road each hour at peak times – that’s a vehicle every two seconds and between 12,000 and 18,000 every day.

Map of the proposed route of the ‘Sydney Southern Connection’ to the expanded M5.

Download a PDF of the RTA’s indicative route.

Why The Greens oppose the Southern Sydney Connection

The Greens believe that the government should be investing in public transport and rail freight, not building more more motorways. Motorways encourage car use.  The Southern Sydney Connection will mean extra cars and trucks being dumped on Euston and Campbell Roads.  The motorway will bring noise and air pollution to Tempe and St Peters and will ruin Tempe Reserve, where families currently enjoy picnics and organised sport is played.

Marrickville Council has written a submission against the Southern Sydney Connection and M5 Expansion, that outlines in more detail many of these concerns.

M4 East and Marrickville Tunnel

The RTA and state Labor government have long wanted to connect the M4 with Port Botany and Sydney Airport.  The M4 East has been proposed, delayed, rejected, and proposed again.  A tunnel under the Marrickville Local Government Area has also been planned, although plans for this road have been kept secret.

The Southern Sydney Connection is clearly the first component of this overall plan.  The road reservation along Campbell Street remains in place, and is a like place for a motorway tunnel entry point.

A motorway tunnel under Marrickville will not only mean more traffic dumped on Inner West Roads, pollution stacks at various positions along the route, but would cost billions which should be allocated to CityRail and other public transport infrastructure.

The Sydney Morning Herald ran this story on the State Government’s motorway plans.

View a PDF of The Greens leaflet on the M5 Expansion.

Have Your Say

You can have your say on the RTA’s plans to expand the M5.  Email a submission (it can be short or long) m5expansion@rta.nsw.gov.au or write to M5 Corridor Expansion, PO Box 609, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Read the latest posts on the M5 Expansion.

A website has been set up for the community opposed to the M5 Expansion – visit Tempe 2020.

One comment

  • I can’t see that writing a letter opposing the M5 expansion to the RTA will ever achieve anything as they are hell bent on building this road and have been for almost four decades. Their original proposal, had it gone ahead, would have cut through Sydney Park and up Belmont Street, Alexandria; now it’s planned to move the traffic onto Euston Road, which is already gridlocked several times during the day. The more roads the DMR can build the more secure their jobs will be and I can’t really see them ever agreeing to build less roads and as a result do themselves out of a job. Objecting to the DMR is a bit like asking Dracula not to drink blood.

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