Marrickville Metro expansion


AMP Capital, the owners of the Marrickville Metro, have lodged plans to expand the shopping centre by 35,000 square metres – more than doubling its size.

The want to expand across Smidmore Street and even buy the street of Council.

The Greens are concerned that an expanded Marrickville Metro will have a detrimental effect on local residents through clogging local roads with many more cars and delivery trucks and by making parking even harder to find.

The Greens are also concerned about the effect an expanded Marrickville Metro will have on our local urban centres.  When the Metro opened in 1987 it devastated the local community shopping strips.  A further expansion will be another blow to local businesses and result in many empty shops along our main streets.

Marrickville Metro is not ideally located for a major shopping centre.  It is close to residential neighbourhoods.  It is not on a major arterial road or near a train station.  Already local roads can become very busy with cars going to the Metro, imagine twice as many vehicles trying to drive to the Metro.

Our community shopping strips, such as Marrickville and Illawarra Roads, Dulwich Hill and Petersham shopping strips, and King Street and Enmore road are the hub of our communities.  It is where local people meet their neighbours in a public space and helps keep our social and economic communities healthy.

Community friendly space?

Large shopping malls are a privatised space full of generic shops and franchises.  They encourage car-based shopping rather than walking or cycling to the local shops.

The Inner West does not need an expanded Marrickville Metro.  We already have plenty of large shopping malls in surrounding suburbs.

All over Australia, local shopping strips are struggling because of large American style shopping centres.  It is time to say enough is enough.

Bypassing the local council and community

AMP Capital has decided to bypass the locally elected Councillors and apply straight to the state government. They
can do this because the NSW Labor government introduced a controversial pro-developer law called ‘Part 3A’.
Under this law the Minister for Planning makes the decision instead of the local council. The community is effectively
bypassed by this process and appeals of a decision are severely restricted.
Marrickville Council has been against an expansion of the Marrickville Metro for many years. Council opposes
expansion because it knows that an bigger Metro will be bad for local shopping villages at Marrickville, Petersham,
Enmore and Newtown and Dulwich Hill.

What you can do:

Write to the local member Carmel Tebbutt and ask her to protect the local community from this massive overdevelopment

Email: Phone: 9558 9000

Carmel Tebbutt is Deputy Premier of the NSW Labor Government, she should stand up for local residents against the expansion of the Marrickville Metro, despite AMP donating over $256,000 to the NSW & Federal Labor Party in the past ten years. (source:

Write a letter to the local paper:

State the reasons you think doubling the size of the Metro is not a good idea.

Read The Greens press release on the expansion of the Marrickville Metro

Download The Greens’ leaflet on the Marrickville Metro expansion

Read Marrickville Council’s submission opposing the Marrickville Metro expansion


  • I live 2 streets away from the Metro, the traffic is already quite hideous, and an expansion of the shopping centre would completely clog the roads, even out of the normal peak periods that are experienced already along Edgeware and Alice St.

    No expansion necessary.

  • I am M.ville resident of many years, who loves the culture and diversity of the existing retail strips of Marrickville, Enmore, Newtown & Petersham. It would be a devastating impact on the community if these retailers who are also community members were to suffer due to the Marrickville Metro expansion. I hope our community can come together and stop this looming disaster.

    Pls comment so we can work together to stop this!

  • We live directly opposite the Metro and at NO TIME have we been directly notified let alone “consulted” about the expansion plans … we found out by accident and are absolutely horrified! The so-called consultation process seems to be seriously flawed and highly subjective; ie a quick poll of a couple of other resident confirms that those that will most profoundly be affected by increased traffic, parking problems, over-shadowing, increased noise and disturbance etc etc – have largely been ignored or only given cursory opportunity for feedback (apparently a door-knock was conducted – but on a week day on one day only, when most people would have been at work or otherwise occupied.)
    The present Metro accomodates most people’s needs with 2 supermarkets, a large chain store, convenient facilities like bank, NRMA, RTA etc and many other speciality shops – there is really no need for further expansion. Additionally there is Broadway shopping centre close by. The huge expansion proposed by AMP will affect the amenities of residents, and will draw business away from local shopping strips all throughout the innerwest and result in empty shop fronts. Newtown and Enmore Roads, Marrickville, Dulwich Hill, Petersham etc etc will all be affected – these strips have been undergoing re-vamping and re-invigoration over the past few years to make them more attractive, but the Metro expansion will decimate them. Please write to the Carmel Tebbutt, sign any petitions going round, write to the Metro feeback email address, and join the resident action group on Facebook:-

    “Marrickville Metro Redevelopment Watch”

  • I live near the metro and am sick and tired of the noisy trucks, alarms at all hours, litter that gets blown into my street (By the contract cleaners that are hired by AMP – I have caught them using a leaf blower on numerous occasions directly blowing the rubbish out of the metro docks and into the drains which then end up in the harbour). I have complained about this to the Metro centre management on numerous occasions and nothing has been done about it!

    I am very worried about the proposed expansion, not just from an environmental point of view (having witnessed the centre’s policy on our environment when they think no one is watching) but I am concerned that the village/community vibe that we all love and enjoy about marrickville is in grave danger of being crushed by a large Westfield style shopping mall that will see our smaller shopping strips and old family businesses closed down. Not to mention all the extra litter, noise and traffic from other suburbs clogging our area. This huge expansion is not going to benefit any one living in the Marrickville area, it serves only to line the pockets of AMP and it’s share holders.

    Amp said that they surveyed local residents, went door knocking got feedback etc. about the project. They conveniently went door knocking the local area at 2pm on a week day so that no one was home, and then drafted a summary based on “the results”.

    I am more than happy for the existing metro to be cleaned up/re invigorated but surely nobody wants a giant mall in the middle of our neighbourhood?

    I live in marrickville because it’s multicultural, vibrant and has soul and character. A huge mall full of more generic retail outlets and supermarket giants is not what marickville is about.

    As a community we really need to pull together and oppose this over development and potential ruin of our fantastic and unique suburb.

  • This typical of the contempt shown to Inner West residents by the Labor Government (both State & Federal). Albanese has lied through his teeth. Prior to the last election he was all for a second Sydney airport & now he has signed the Sydney Airport Master Plan. You would have thought having the Federal Transport Minister as our local MP would have been to our benefit not our detriment. The same goes with the expansion of the Metro as well as the the M5 extension which threatens to destroy parts of St Peters & Tempe.LABOR feels so comfortable & confident here in the Inner West that they think they can do NOTHING to support the electorate & still be elected. They look at the Inner West as their dumping ground, they care nothing for the health & wellbeing of people in this area. We need to send that arrogant Albanese a message & elect the Greens as our representatives. We need someone who understands the special needs of our area.

  • So true the westfields and the AMP centres that are mushrooming are disgusting. They are killing local communities for profits.

  • As stated, this shopping centre is not located on any major arterial roads and not near any rail infrastructure. The existing centre is already to big for the small suburban streets it sits amongst and anything that is going to bring more traffic to these streets should be stopped.
    On top of the traffic issues in protecting the now vibrant strip malls, I frequent Enmore Rd and the Southern end of King St all the time, am on a first name basis with numerous shop/cafe owners and fail to see how risking areas is a good idea?
    If you think the Metro Expansion is a bad idea, please write to Tony Kelly and Carmel Tebutt and say so, protect what you have.

  • I am an Inner West independent filmmaker, and I am currently documenting the process taking place at the Metro. All tip offs and comments are welcome, as there are so many stories, viewpoints, issues at play for the diverse stakeholders. I wish to witness as many of these as possible and record them. Please be in touch, my email is

  • I know for sure is that if the expansion goes ahead, I, my family and friends will boycott Marrickville Metro and shop elsewhere, and I urge everyone else to do the same.
    AMP and the council need to assess what it is about Marrickville Metro that attracts so many repeat customers?
    Well, without the need for AMP to spend thousands of dollars conducting a survey I can tell them right away!
    It simple! People don’t want to shop in a mall where you can get lost in, especially if you have a trolley load full of groceries, 3 kids and a husband! If we did, we would shop at a Westfield!
    Marrickville Metro’s formula works because it is family friendly, easy to navigate and easy to do your groceries at. If this changes, people will source out other malls, like nearby Ashfield Mall or Leichhardt Marketplace or Newtown.
    Moreover, Marrickville’s ‘vibe’ does not need to be destroyed by a massive shopping mall, destroying our local businesses, increasing traffic congestions and parking and general environment!
    I honestly think that AMP are doing a costly mistake!

  • I am neither for or against the expansion as I don’t know enough about it as yet. This article above gives me no idea what is being proposed, just state,emt about why it a bad idea, which for all I know it might be. Please don’t give me spin, just give me some informations please.
    as to some of the residents who are already not happy with the Metro now, surely the Metro was there when you moved in, didn’t you notice all the congestion before you move to the area?

  • The Dept of Planning has received NEW PLANS for the expansion & public submissions are accepted – NEW DEADLINE Fri 18 March 2011
    The new plans have made some modifications to the original proposal eg some increased set-backs, removal of 1 spiral car ramp, retention of most trees. However the majority of concerns remain unaddressed or refuted by AMP.
    • Almost double size & height – 75.3% increase in gross floor space, 100% height increase to 14.5m • Inappropriate location surrounded by small houses & narrow streets • Increase already congested traffic on all surrounding streets & not on a main arterial rd • Increase existing local parking problems • Huge spiral car ramp will visually impact houses on Bourne & Edinburgh Sts • A Metro “Civic Place” on Victoria Rd facing a row of small houses which will become “fishbowls” & lose privacy • Bulky building mass behind Bourne St homes • 2 more major brands plus 3rd supermarket – unnecessary duplication of facilities at nearby shopping centres • Increased noise & air pollution will affect amenity & health of nearby residents • Many original concerns eg litter, abandoned trolleys, noise disturbance etc have not been addressed & instead shuffled off to a future report not disclosed • Devastation of local shopping strips by drawing trade away from Marrickville Rd, Enmore Rd & South King St

  • There is an article in the Inner West Courier this week and online at
    where the AMP project manager says the 75% bigger expansion will not cause more traffic. She’s joking right? Maybe she should read her own traffic report showing increased traffic levels of minimum 35% Thursday evening peak & minimum 41% on Saturday peak which is a significant increase on already very congested local roads. The RTA’s ‘Guide to Traffic Generating Developments’ defines the environmental capacity performance standards for local residential streets of an environmental goal of 200 vehicles per hour in peak hour. Currently the Metro attracts 1597 vehicles per hour in Saturday peak hour. That sounds like a heck of a lot of traffic!
    We are constantly told by AMP that “the majority of the community wants this expansion” BUT the original proposal last year received 576 submissions with 549 against and only 27 in support plus a petition of 4,830 signatures objecting to the expansion were collected from the local community.
    The feeling amongst the majority of the local community is that the revised plan is still too massive for the location which is an isolated out-of-centre site surrounded by small residential houses. It is an inappropriate place for the development of a major shopping centre. It will become a major car oriented retail destination not serviced by adequate bus routes, and is it not close to rail transport nor on a main arterial road. It would be great if the community consultation process had been GENUINE and not confusing and misleading by referring to it as a “revitalition project”. Perhaps then the concerns of the majority of the community would have been addressed in the revised plan.

  • I think that it would be a great thing to do to the metro. The metro looks terrible from the outside its not even nice to look at from the inside and besides people would still shop at the shops on marrickville road. The shops on marrickville road get the regular customers and those people wouldn’t stop going to those shops just because the metro got larger.

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