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10 Reasons to Vote 1 The Greens on 8 September in Marrickville

1. The Greens go beyond the basics

The Greens understand that people expect more from local government than rates, roads and rubbish. Good local councils are key local employers who provide important services like child care facilities, major community infrastructure, open spaces and sporting fields.

2. A vibrant and inclusive community

The Greens know that council has a vital role to play in fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. That’s why we are proposing community infrastructure like a community hub and library; new services like free-wifi; and new events, like ‘made in Marrickville’ and night noodle markets. It’s all part of our positive vision for Marrickville.

3. Keep out the right-wing independents and the Liberal party

The ongoing success of the Greens in our progressive local community is seeing an unprecedented push by the Liberal Party and right wing nationalists like Sergio Redegalli run against the Greens. We’re a progressive community, so it’s important people know who they are voting for.

4. A positive vision, not a scare campaign

We have proposed a positive vision of new infrastructure, services and events. Instead of engaging in a debate on the issues, other candidates have run an Abbott-style scare campaign. Leaflets claiming the Greens support an $800 rate rise are just plain wrong. What’s worse, those running the scare campaign know it. We have ruled out a 6.72% rate rise – which would only have been $50 a year.

5. The Greens deliver key public infrastructure

It was Greens leadership and vision on Marrickville Council which has delivered the success story that is the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre. With the pool now turning a profit, we can invest in more top notch community infrastructure, like a much needed new Marrickville Library.

6. No Coal Seam Gas in St Peters

Only the Greens have opposed CSG from the start. We have worked with the community to highlight the issue and put pressure on Labor and Coalition state governments to say no to CSG in St Peters. We are the only ones on Council to back the community campaign for a poll on CSG.

7. The Greens stand up for our principles, not just what’s easy

Whether it’s protecting the environment, introducing universal dental care, opposing the war in Iraq or advocating for refugees to be treated humanely, the Greens are driven by values, not polls.

8. The Greens get results

The Greens have had continuous representation on Marrickville Council for over twenty years. In that time we’ve been instrumental in providing key services to the local community. The Australian Greens have just secured crucial public funding for dental care, and in Marrickville we’ve delivered more bike paths, increased funding to child care services and upgrades to sports grounds.

9. Greens are for community, not corporate profits

The old parties have deep pockets from corporate donations, and were funded by the big alcohol, big tobacco and property developers before Greens-led campaigns stopped them. The Greens for Marrickville Council campaign has been built entirely on grassroots activism and initiative. We counter corporate funding with people power.

10. The Greens are about policy not politics

This election has highlighted that the Greens stand for policies based on sustainability, service delivery and making Marrickville liveable and affordable. We have made several policy announcements over the course of this campaign. We offer a vision, not a scare campaign.

Council Election a Referendum on Coal Seam Gas

Greens candidate for Marrickville Council South Ward-Magura, Dr David Leary has called on voters to make the council election on 8th September a referendum on Coal Seam Gas.

“Coal seam gas mining is just plain dumb- and proposals to mine in residential areas like Dart Energy’s proposal to mine in St Peters is simply dumber than dumb” said Dr Leary.

At a recent Marrickville Council meeting, Marrickville ALP and conservative Independent councillor Morris Hanna voted against a Greens motion to hold a poll on Coal Seam Gas mining at the Council elections.

“A referendum would have given a clear indication to Dart Energy and the state government that the community of Marrickville have not granted coal seam gas a social licence to operate” stated Dr Leary.

“Even though the local community has been deprived of a referendum on coal seam gas, voters can still send a strong message against coal seam gas by voting for the Greens in the Marrickville Council election on 8th September” said David Leary

“Labor approved the mining licence for Dart energy in St Peters, and the Liberals continue to refuse to revoke that licence. Only the Greens have consistently opposed coal seam gas mining and worked closely with the local community to push for Dart energy’s licence to be revoked” noted Dr Leary.

Despite the ongoing concerns of residents faced with a potential gas mining site in St. Peters, ALP and conservative independent councillors such as the Mayor Morris Hanna did not see the sense in council conducting a poll which would have, in all likelihood, shown how huge the opposition to CSG mining is in Marrickville.

“This election local residents should make their voice heard on coal seam gas” said Dr Leary

St Peters is the first urban coal seam gas drill site in Australia. It is seven kilometres from the CBD, and right next to schools, pre-schools and homes. Despite repeated requests to the State government Dart energy’s licence is yet to be revoked.

Contact: David Leary 045 865 4423

Greens pledge support for keeping local government local

On 30 August 2012 Greens candidates for Marrickville and Ashfield joined with local residents and ratepayers at a Meet the Candidates organised by the United Services Union, at Hurlstone Park RSL Club, to pledge opposition to any future plans for forced Council amalgamations by the O’Farrell Liberal Government.

The USU represents local government workers in NSW, and has called on all candidates in the Local Government Elections to “Keep Local Government Local” by:

  • Keeping local Council jobs local
  • Maintaining core Council services using Council workers
  • Opposing outsourcing and privatisation of Council services
  • Opposing forced Council amalgamations and boundary changes and
  • Supporting the use of Australian products.

The Greens support the aims of the USU campaign, and have a strong track record of opposing outsourcing or privatisation of Marrrickville Council services.

Ben, Mel and Sylvie with Keep Local Government Local Posters

For more information about the “Keeping Local Government Local”  campaign visit http://www.usu.org.au/usucampaigns/local-government/i-support-local-jobs

Greens and inner west residents to fight O’Farrell’s motorway plan

The Marrickville Council Greens campaign has called on the State government to abandon its plans to revive a motorway through Tempe and Marrickville. A leaked draft of the State government’s Transport Master Plan, exposed in the Sydney Morning Herald, has revealed the Liberals’ plan to carve motorways through Tempe and Marrickville (“Motorways at heart of master plan”, SMH today http://tiny.cc/iibxjw).

Starting in Tempe the proposed Motorway would cut through four local government areas including Marrickville, Sydney, Rockdale and Sutherland.

“The O’Farrell government, with its revived plans for new motorways through our area, will face a tough campaign from local residents who forced similar plans to be shelved in 2010. The Greens will make fighting these motorways, hand in hand with the community, a priority,” said Greens candidate for Marrickville Council South Ward David Leary.

“I previously called on the state government either to confirm it has no plans to build a motorway through Tempe or be honest with the local community and let them know what they are planning. Now the Liberal plan for Tempe and Marrickville has been outed the community will no doubt stand up to this government and its obsession with motorways” said Dr Leary

“The local community of Tempe and Marrickville do not want motorways destroying their homes and their neighbourhoods and now is the time to send a strong message to the Liberals that this is not on” said Dr Leary

“The people of Marrickville now know the O’Farrell Government is going to continue the failed Labor government’s romance with motorways. The Greens are ready to once again campaign against the Motorways with the residents of Tempe and St Peters.” Said David Leary

In 2010 the then Labor State government was forced to drop plans for the M5 east expansion through Tempe after intense community opposition. The plans as they stood two years ago would have involved the construction of a new four lane elevated motorway running from the exit of the existing M5 tunnel through Tempe and ending near Sydney Park in Alexandria.

The RTA spent more than $15 million on its initial feasibility study for the motorway before it was mothballed by then Labor Roads Minister David Campbell in the lead up to the State election.

Contact: Dr David Leary 045 865 4423

Greens Call on Candidates to Put Extremist Last

Greens Multiculturalism spokesperson Cate Faehrmann has called on candidates running for North Ward in Marrickville Council to place the independent group led by Sergio Redegalli last on their how to vote cards.

Mr Redegalli is well known as the artist responsible for the ‘No Burqas’ mural and is associated with the far-right Australian Protectionist Party.

An article about xenophobic and racist candidates running in the Local Council elections which was published in today’s Sydney Morning Herald mentioned Mr Redegalli but did not formally identify his connections to the Australian Protectionist Party.

“Just as all mainstream parties agreed to place One Nation last in the late 1990s in the context of growing racial tensions, so we feel it is important to take a similar stance now” Ms Faehrmann said.

“We respect the right of all candidates to stand for election. But this only makes it more important that we take a united stand to ensure radically racist views are not left unchallenged.”

“The Australian Protectionist Party explicitly calls for a racially discriminatory immigration policy. Their policy statement calls to “End Third World immigration and Muslim immigration”, and equates multiculturalism with genocide.”

“We are calling on the Labor and Liberal parties to make a clear statement that racist positions like those taken by the Australian Protectionist Party are not acceptable.”

“This is an important test for our political community and we hope other parties will stand with us to ensure Marrickville remains open and tolerant – celebrating our multiculturalism”Ms Faehrmann said.

The Greens will be releasing their full how to vote cards next week. Voting is optional preferential and voters decide their own preferences, how to votes only provide recommendations.

For further information about Mr Redegalli and the Australian Protectionist Party see http://www.protectionist.net/photo-galleries/say-no-to-burqas-protest/ Policy positions of the Australian Protectionist Party are available at: http://www.protectionist.net/primary-polices/

More information: Cate Faehrmann MLC 0412 207 043

Greens Develop Plan for Affordable Housing in Marrickville

Mehreen Faruqi, Cr Irene Doutney, Senator Scott Ludlam, and Marrickville Council candidate Sylvie Ellsmore

The Greens have signalled affordable housing will be a key priority for their next term on Marrickville Council, after recent census data confirmed many long-term residents and essential workers are struggling to afford to stay in the inner-west.

“As a long term renter I understand just how hard it is for even those on moderate incomes to make ends meet in the inner-west,” said Marrickville Council candidate Sylvie Ellsmore.

“We have been working with neighbouring councils and affordable housing providers to develop practical models we can apply here in Marrickville,” said Ms Ellsmore.

“There are some great success stories out there. Today we joined Greens Lord Mayoral Candidate Irene Doutney and Greens Senator Scott Ludlum for a tour of the site of a successful City of Sydney affordable housing project.”

“The redevelopment of the old South Sydney Hospital site in Zetland – led by Greens City of Sydney Councillor Irene Doutney – is an example of just what can be achieved when councils work with local housing providers” Ms Ellsmore said.

“With the redevelopment of the our own old hospital site in Marrickville we have a great opportunity to significantly increase our stock of affordable housing by learning from successful models elsewhere.”

“We are committed to making sure people who grew up here, who have their social networks here, and who work in our community, can afford to live here. That’s an essential part of being an inclusive, diverse and vibrant community.”

Over 100 units of affordable housing are planned for the old South Sydney Hospital sites. The housing will be run by non-for-profit community housing provider City West, and will target those on low and middle incomes who work or have family in the area.

Recent census data has confirmed a rapid increase in rents and mortgage costs. Rents in Marrickville have increased by nearly 50% in the last five years.

Contact: Marrickville Greens Lead North Ward Candidate, Sylvie Ellsmore 0403 977 213

Urban Forests

Many people accuse The Greens of simply being “tree huggers”. But perhaps “tree planters” would be a better term to describe The Greens on Marrickville Council, after they managed to secure a doubling of council’s tree planting budget to support Council’s new Urban Forrest Policy.

The 2011-12 council budget approved $150,000 for tree planting, a 250% increase from $60,000 the year before. “Native species in our streets, parks and gardens provide the habitat for birds and other wildlife to return to the local area and preserve existing wildlife in green spaces like the Cooks River foreshore and the proposed GreenWay,” said Greens Councillor Cathy Peters.

“Planting more trees will enhance our urban environment and offer current and future residents a more appealing, healthier place to live,” she said.

“I am confident the new Greens councillors will continue our commitment to increase tree canopy across the Marrickville Local Government Area,” she said.

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