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Both Labor & Liberal responsible for Inner West aircraft noise nightmare

Marrickville Greens – Media Release

23 June 2014
Marrickville Greens Councillor and Greens candidate for Summer Hill, Max Phillips, has laid the blame for the Inner West’s unfair aircraft noise burden at the feet of both Labor and Liberal parties for signing off the last two Sydney Airport Master Plans, and warned a second airport could increase noise over the Inner West.
The Sydney Morning Herald reported today that the Inner West is copping the bulk of aircraft noise.
“In 2009, Anthony Albanese as Transport Minister, signed off on the Sydney Airport Master Plan, which forecast increasing air traffic and noise for the Inner West for the next 20 years.  Now in 2014 the Abbott Government has signed off on an almost identical Master Plan,” said Greens Councillor Max Phillips.
“These Master Plans intensify traffic to the point where in a few years 80 flights per hour will be scheduled for most of the day, meaning the the North-South runways will have to be in use for most of the day regardless of the wind direction.  The East-West runway will effectively be mothballed with residents of the Inner West copping almost all the noise.
“Rather than get tough with the Sydney Airport Corporation about noise sharing, successive transport ministers simply ticked off on their expansion plans while holding up the distant prospect of a second airport as some kind of panacea.
“A second airport at Badgerys Creek may only make noise over the Inner West worse because it will have a short runway that can only take smaller planes, therefore freeing up slots at Kingsford-Smith Airport for larger and louder planes flying over out the Inner West.
“Rather than just signing off on ever intensifying aircraft noise, the Government should be looking at options to reduce noise such as lowering the hourly aircraft movement cap, extending the curfew, restricting the types of aircraft that can take off late at night and early in the morning, and putting pressure on the Sydney Airport Corporation to share the noise burden as was originally intended under the operating plan.”
Contact: Max Phillips 0419 444 916

Labor hypocrisy on Sydney Airport Master Plan

Marrickville Greens media release

19 March 2014line up in rain-web

Marrickville Greens Councillor Max Phillips labelled Labor Mayor Jo Haylen’s motion opposing the 2014 Sydney Airport Master Plan as ‘hypocritical’ given her old boss, former Transport Minister Anthony Albanese, approved the 2009 Sydney Airport Master Plan that actually allowed higher aircraft movements and noise levels.

The 2009 Sydney Airport Master Plan forecast 427,400 aircraft movements by 2029.  The 2014 Sydney Airport Master Plan forecasts only 409,500 aircraft movements by 2033.

“This is a classic case of Labor hypocrisy – do one thing in government and another thing in opposition,” said Greens Councillor Max Phillips.

“In 2009 the Greens campaigned with the community to urge Anthony Albanese to reject such a huge increase in aircraft noise.  Despite being the local member, Albanese ignored community concern and approved the 2009 Sydney Airport Master Plan.

“Sydney Airport wants to allow 87,800 extra flights per year by 2033.  Many of these take offs and landings will be over the Inner West.  This represents an aircraft noise nightmare and Labor should have done something to curb this expansion when they were in government.  Instead we have political posturing now Labor are out of power.

“The Greens are disappointed Labor refused to back their sensible amendment to call for a mandated reduction in the number of flights into Kingsford-Smith Airport in the event a second airport is built.

“There is a real danger that a second airport could actually mean more aircraft noise for the Inner West, with smaller, quieter planes directed to a second airport leaving extra slots open for larger, more noisy aircraft,” he said.

Contact: Cr Max Phillips 0419 444 916

Federal Election 2013 – Hall Greenland for Grayndler

Greens Candidate for the Federal Seat of Grayndler 2012

The Federal Prime Minister has announced that the next Federal Election will be held on 14 September 2013.

The Greens have preselected award-winning journalist, community activist and former Councillor Hall Greenland as the Greens Grayndler Candidate in 2013.

The seat of Grayndler will be decided between the ALP and the Greens. The seat is currently held by Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese, who won the seat by 54 per cent to the Greens’ 46 per cent on a two-party-preferred basis at the last federal election.

Join the campaign!

More about Hall…

Hall is the President of the community group “Friends of Callan Park”

Hall has lived in Grayndler almost his entire life – and it’s where he has served his community. He went to school at Summer Hill and Fort Street. As a student at Sydney University, he joined the famous Freedom Ride, which traveled to country towns in NSW, to expose the racial segregation and discrimination against Aborigines that was still rife. He also edited the student newspaper and helped launch Australia’s anti-Vietnam War movement.

Hall served as a Councillor on Leichhardt Council and in the 1980s Hall was among the founders of The Greens. He was inspired by the huge growth in the environmental and anti-nuclear movements of the 1980s.  He was also disillusioned by how far the Labor Party he’d joined as a teenager had moved away from its ideals.

Early Greens banner, 1980s

Early Greens banner, 1980s

Locally his chief environmental achievements as a community organiser and advocate have included:
•    Establishment of bicentennial park on the shores of Rozelle Bay in 1988, where previously there had been abandoned industrial wastelands, then slated for commercial development. Hall was coordinator of the Save Rozelle Bay campaign.
•    Save Callan Park – 61 hectares of beautiful heritage grounds, the largest park in Grayndler – from high-rise development. Hall has been either secretary or president of Friends of Callan Park since the group was founded in 1998

On both occasions the battle was with State Labor governments who wanted to flog off public land to developers.

Hall is now part of the campaign to stop Westconnex, the ill-conceived $13bn motorway project, which aims to connect the M4 to the airport.  He also supports high-speed rail being developed to ease congestion at Sydney Airport, with a replacement airport to eventually to be built outside the Sydney area.

Greens Candidate Hall Greenland, Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham and local activists

Greens Candidate Hall Greenland, Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham and local activists

Hall is an award-winning journalist. He worked as a sub-editor and feature writer for The Bulletin for ten years and more recently was the editor of The Week, a weekly news digest.

Before becoming a journalist Hall was a high school teacher and has continued to take a keen interest in education and the health of our public schools.

Greens in the Senate deliver Cooks River cycle path funding

Media Release  15 October 2009

The $200,000 of federal stimulus money that has been directed towards the Cooks River Regional Bicycle Route was a result of the Australian Greens in the Senate negotiating the passage of the stimulus bill earlier this year.bicycle-symbol

The Greens secured $40 million extra for bicycle infrastructure, as well as funds for heritage protection and home efficiency measures, as part of the stimulus package.

“This is a fantastic result for Marrickville and bicycle infrastructure and goes to show The Greens get results when we hold the balance of power, “said Greens Councillor Max Phillips

“Building infrastructure such as cycleways is a better use of stimulus money than cash hand-outs and I’m proud that The Greens secured this investment in sustainable infrastructure,” he said.

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown says that hundreds of kilometres of bike ways and hundreds of jobs were secured when the Australian Greens negotiated the $40 million bike ways package as part of the $42 billion economic stimulus measures in February this year.

Launching the package with Australian Greens Deputy Leader and the Minister for Infrastructure Anthony Albanese today, Senator Brown said: “the project will be matched with $40 million from local government and other entities and will be part of a massive bike way and pedestrian building program in Australia if the Greens proposals are carried through.”

“Bike ways are as good for personal health as they are for the planet. Bike ways reduce obesity, improve health and keep us in touch with the outdoors. The Greens would like to see no new roadways constructed without bike ways being part of the construction.”

“We have recommended to the government the Dutch formula of at least 1 per cent of transport funding being allocated to funding bike ways and improved pedestrian access. That doesn’t sound much but it is enough to transform Australian cities with bike ways.”

“There are dozens more bike way proposals wanting for funding and development which the Greens will be pursuing. I congratulate the Rudd government and the Minister for Infrastructure for taking up this Greens proposal,” Senator Brown said at the Intercity Cycleway in Claremont.

Media contact:

Greens Leader Bob Brown – Peter Stahel 0433 005 727

Councillor Max Phillips  0419 444 916

Albanese approves aircraft noise nightmare for Inner West

Media release  –  19 June 2009

The Greens have slammed Anthony Albanese for being a massive hypocrite as approved the Sydney Airport Master Plan that will increase aircraft traffic from 286,101 flights now to 427,000 by 2029 and give Inner West residents no respite from constant aircraft noise.line up in rain-web

Mr Albanese opposed the previous master plan, telling Federal Parliament in 2004 “I rise today to again put on the record my absolute opposition to the Sydney Airport master plan” (Hansard, 22 March 2004).

“Mr Albanese has shown himself to be a massive hypocrite with his decision to approve more flights into Sydney Airport,” said Greens Councillor for Marrickville, Max Phillips.

“In 2004, he was absolutely opposed to the master plan, now he is signing off on an aircraft noise nightmare for the Inner West.

“Mr Albanese should have stood up for Inner West residents by putting a limit to the number of flights into Sydney Airport. Instead his approval has given Sydney Airport Corporation the green light for almost unlimited expansion.

“Mr Albanese has failed his electors. It is not every day the local member is the Transport Minister. This was his big chance to make a difference and he has comprehensively failed.

“We’ve heard talk about a second airport for over two decades. Talk is cheap – we need action on aircraft noise now.

“The Greens were campaigning for a limit on the number of aircraft movements at 300,000 per year, an extension of the curfew by two hours, and for an alternative airport to be built so Mascot can close down.

“Oslo, Athens and Hong Kong have all successfully built new airports and closed the inner city airport to the relief of residents.

“If Mr Albanese really cared about aircraft noise he’d propose building a new airport and closing Sydney Airport.” Contact: Councillor Max Phillips 0419 444 916

Webtrak does nothing to stop aircraft noise nightmare

Media release

11 December 2008

Webtrak does nothing to stop aircraft noise nightmare

The Greens have criticised Minister Albanese for wasting $20 million of tax payers money on fancy internet programs but failing to make real decisions to deal with increasing aircraft noise being suffered by residents under the Sydney Airport flight paths.

Greens Councillor on Marrickville Council said today: “Residents of the Inner West know very well when aircraft are flying over their homes and schools and I’m not sure what Webtrak will actually achieve,” he said.747-take-off-sydney

“Residents of Marrickville know aircraft are flying overhead when they have to stop half way through a conversation because they can’t hear each other, or they know when they are woken up at 6am by the first 747 of the day.

Webtrak is fiddling at the edges.  It is the kind of PR stunt you do when you aren’t prepared to really address the main issue.

“The 2009 draft master plan for Sydney airport forecasts a 150% increase in aircraft movements from 287,000 to 427,000.  Webtrak does nothing to stop the increasing noise nightmare for residents in the Inner West.

“The Greens are campaigning in Albanese’s own seat of Grayndler for the government to limit the number of aircraft movements into Sydney Airport to a maximum of 300,000 per year and for an extension to the curfew from 11pm – 6am to 10pm – 7am.

“If Sydney Airport are allowed to expand as planned, we will have a plane overhead every two minutes for 17 hours a day with no respite.  We don’t need fancy websites to tell us that is a noise nightmare”.

Contact:  Greens Councillor Max Phillips – 0419 444 916

More Aircraft Noise?


Greens Councillor Max Phillips has presented Federal Transport Minister (and local MP) Anthony Albanese with 130 letters supporting Max’s proposals to limit flights over the Inner West.Max began collecting letters in December after learning of the impact the “Airport Master Plan” would have on the Inner West.

The Greens ran information booths for residents in Stanmore, Marrickville, Dulwich Hill and Norton Street – you can read more on Max’s attempts to convince Anthony Albanese that flights should be limited over the Inner West in the Inner West Courier

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