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Marrickville failing to reach greenhouse target under Labor Mayor

Media release 10 February 2010

Marrickville Council is set to miss its 2010 greenhouse emissions reduction target by a whopping 4,444 tonnes, after Labor and the Independents last night failed to back the Greens’ motion to buy clean energy to power street lighting.

Council set a reduction target of 20% on 1997 levels, however, every year since 1997 emissions have risen. A report to Council concluded, that although energy efficiency measures and reduced the rate of emission growth, they had still increased to be a forecast 4,444 tonnes over the target. Purchasing green power for $267,000 would have enabled Council to meet its commitment.

“By failing to meet Council’s committed emissions reduction target, Labor are letting down the community and especially our children who will have to live with the consequences of climate change,” said Greens Councillor Max Phillips.

“The Greens believe Marrickville Council should be a leader on climate change and that it is vitally important that Council meet its committed reduction targets.

“While Council has worked to reduce emissions growth, we can’t get around the fact that our street lighting and facilities get electricity from coal-burning power stations.

“Using green power is more expensive, but coal-power has massive environmental and other costs that are not factored into its market price.

“Council should meet its target through powering a percentage of our street lighting with clean energy green power.

“Not only should we be using clean energy, but we should be building local renewable energy projects and making energy saving measures a top priority.

“Labor is failing the community and breaking an election commitment in rejecting my proposal to buy clean energy.

“Labor promised in an election leaflet ‘a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions across all areas of council’, yet when it came to actually voting on that commitment, the Mayor and his colleagues flubbed it tonight.

“The Greens will continue to pursue the purchase of clean energy for Council’s power needs and hope that other Councillors will join our strong stance on climate change.

“We need long-term environmental vision and political will on Council, we have enough politicians are other levels of government avoiding the hard decisions and mouthing platitudes.”

Contact: Max Phillips 0419 444 916

Greens move to break the climate policy deadlock

Australian Greens leader Bob Brown has moved to break the current political deadlock on climate policy by putting up a proposal for a $23-a-tonne cabon price for a two year period.  The proposal is based on a recommendation from the Garnaut Climate Change Review for an interim set price prior to the introduction of a full emission trading system.

Watch Senators Bob Brown and Christine Milne’s press conference

Currently the Rudd government is planning to reintroduce its deeply flawed CPRS (which does virtually nothing to reduce emissions, but gives billions in compensation to big polluters and allows them to buy dodgy overseas offsets rather than actually reduce Australia’s emissions).   The Greens will not vote for the CPRS because it locks in climate failure, and Liberal Leader thinks “climate change is crap” and won’t vote for “the great big tax”.

Now the Greens are putting forward this proposal to trying and get at least some price on climate pollution.

You can read Senator Brown and Senator Milne’s press release on the issue and read the breifing note.

Greens propose Garnaut’s interim solution to break CPRS deadlock

Media Release | Spokesperson Bob Brown, Christine Milne
Thursday 21st January 2010

The Australian Greens have today written to the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and all relevant Senators proposing a deadlock-breaking interim solution to get Australia moving ahead with real action on the climate crisis.

The Greens propose that Professor Garnaut’s suggestion of a two year carbon price fixed at $20 a tonne be implemented. This interim measure in the transition to a functional and effective emissions trading scheme would provide a $5 billion dividend for households and further revenue to invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency and other emissions reducing options.

“We Greens are putting forward another positive proposal to break the political deadlock and get Australia moving ahead to a clean future,” Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown said.

“The interim scheme is a building block for future action that’s got real teeth. It will give certainty to increasingly impatient investors and will direct billions of dollars to Australia’s householders instead of paying polluters to keep polluting.

“If we can get broad, cross-party support for this proposal it will show both investors and global negotiators that Australia is serious about tackling the climate crisis.”

The proposal (details available on request) would:
• use the existing CPRS structure with a carbon price fixed at $20 a tonne (2005 dollars);
• recycle revenue to support household, commercial, industrial and transport emissions reductions;
• prevent the use of international offsets in the CPRS, as international trading is not possible in the interim fixed-price period;
• be in surplus rather than deficit in the first two years; and
• get moving immediately, bringing the start date back to July 1 2010.

“The beauty of this interim proposal is that it sends investors the beginnings of the signal they need without locking in climate failure, as the CPRS would do in its current state,” Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne said.

“This scheme is designed to be strengthened later whereas, if the CPRS is passed as it stands, it will be almost impossible to lift its ambition. Unlike the CPRS, there is no way this proposal can hold back action.

“With no prospect of Mr Abbott supporting the CPRS, bringing the bill back in February is looking like a political exercise that will get the government nowhere.

“We propose to move immediately with an interim low carbon price. We can then discuss the longer term solutions Australia will need over the coming two years, secure in the knowledge that a carbon price is already in place, helping to unleash innovative and job creating climate solutions.”

You can also listen to Senator Mline talk about the proposal on ABC’s AM program.

Prime Minister Rudd said he was open to looking at the proposal.

The Australian’s coverage of the proposal.

Read Christine Milne’s opinion piece on the proposal.

Read the Sydney Morning Herald’s article on the proposal.

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW backed the move, as did Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Walk Against Warming

Walk Against Warming Shoe

Join The Greens in the Walk Against Warming

The Walk Against Warming on Saturday 12th December coincides with the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit.
It’s D-day for us to show our politicians and world leaders we want global action on climate change!

Join the Marrickville Greens in the Walk Against Warming – we’re travelling together to the walk from Marrickville Station.  Meet us there at 12pm to make our way together to the rally (starts at Martin Place at 1pm).  Bring your family and friends, wear sky blue laces or something else blue.

You can find out more about the walk, and other Walk locations outside Sydney at http://www.walkagainstwarming.org/

Marrickville Greens Councillors arrested at climate blockade

Marrickville Council’s Green Deputy Mayor, Fiona Byrne and Greens
Councillors Max Phillips and Cathy Peters were arrested at Parliament
House on Monday Nov 23 as they joined over 200 protestors demanding stronger action from the government on climate change.

Climate activists block the front entrance to Parliament House

The three Greens Councillors were arrested after a mass sit-in in front of the entrance to Parliament House in Canberra along with 130 other
people, but released without charge.  They were  seeking meaningful
emission reduction targets of 40% by 2020 and binding agreements in   Copenhagen.

Councillor Bynre  stated, “When I read the latest research which suggests the Arctic icecap  could be completely melted during summer by as soon as 2013, I  realized that before my children even finish school, the planet could
be irreversibly changed. We must have real action now and that’s why I
had to be prepared to be arrested during this peaceful protest”.

“The fact that 130 people from diverse backgrounds were prepared to be arrested reflects the strength of feeling in the community and I wanted to show the politicians in Canberra that ordinary people are prepared to take action to  demand realistic reductions in greenhouse gas pollution so that our community and communities around the world can have a safe future,” commented Greens Councillor Cathy Peters

Councillor Max Phillips at the blockade.

Clr Cathy Peters arrested at Parliament House 23.11.09


“Action on climate is so important that sometimes we have to leave our comfort zones and put our bodies on the line. The government’s 5% target and deeply flawed emissions trading scheme is betrayingthe climate and our collective future,” said Greens Councilor Max Phillips.”We have a small window to stop catastrophic climate change, so it is now or never and that’s why I felt so strongly that I was willing to be participating in peaceful civil disobedience.”

Protestors blocking Parliament House entrance 23.11.09

Run for a Safe Climate

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2370074&dest=-1]

Feeling fit?  Want to do something for the planet?  It is time to put on your Dunlop Volleys and hit the road.

Launched today in Melbourne. Check out www.safeclimateaustralia.org

They’re planning to run 6,000km from Northern Australia to the mouth of the Murray in South Australia, highlighting the likely effects of climate change along the way.route-map

Check out their website runforasafeclimate.org and their very slick video above or at their website.

Council climate change program axed for no good reason

The Sydney Morning Herald has a story: Funding for Climate Change Initiatives Axed about the federal government cutting funding to Council run program, Cities for Climate Protection, aimed at reducing carbon emissions.wind-turbine

State Greens MP, John Kaye as responded with this press release:

Council climate change program axed for no good reason

Media release: 27 May 2009

The Rudd government has withdrawn funding from the Cities for Climate Protection program that helped councils reduce their carbon footprint. Greens NSW MP John Kaye is calling on the Rees government to step in and continue support for NSW local government work on climate change.

Commenting on a story on page 3 of today’s Sydney Morning Herald (‘Funding for climate change initiative axed’), Dr Kaye said: “Using a very crude measure of greenhouse reduction benefits, the federal government is sinking a crucial flagship program in renewable energy and efficiency measures.

“While the National Clean Coal Fund is set to receive $366 million over the next four years, support for local government transformation is to be abruptly slashed at the end of next month.

“No account has been made for the long term benefits of a program that allows councils to model low carbon footprint behaviour to their community.

“Based on the flimsiest of evidence, the program has been deemed to not be cost effective.

“The Rudd government has failed to acknowledged that the Cities for Climate Protection program enables councils to provide leadership to their community.

“With the federal government’s carbon trading scheme going nowhere and the Rees government fixated on burning more coal, councils had become the best chance of leading the community to lower carbon footprints.

“Municipalities around NSW will be left without the support to complete their milestones.

“Ending the program now is wasteful and damaging to the future of climate change mitigation.

“The Rees government should not sit on its hands while Cities for Climate Protection folds.

“For less than $1.5 million a year, they could ensure that communities around NSW continue to benefit from local government action on climate change,” Dr Kaye said.

For more information: John Kaye 0407 195 455