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Half-a-million dollar turnaround for new Enmore Pool

Marrickville Greens media release

3 September 2012

The first full year financial figures for the new Annette Kellerman Pool in Enmore have been tabled and there has been a turn around of over half a million dollars.

“This half-a-million dollar turnaroud is a great result and I am really happy that Enmore Pool is not only extremely popular but a financial success as well,” Greens Councillor, Max Phillips said.

“This result shows council can deliver big projects that provide the facilities our community wants without being a burden on rate payers.”

“The pool was budgeted to lose over $300,000 last financial year, but instead Council enjoyed a profit of  $224,622.

“These funds can go towards other community infrastructure projects such as Petersham Pool or the new library project.”Greens councillors championed the pool against some pretty stiff opposition so this is really heartening.”

“This result puts council on a surer footing to undertake other major projects like the new library and park at Marrickville.”

“The Greens do not support the proposed 6.72% rate rise for the Library and this result should give the communtiy confidence we can deliver important facilities responsibly,” he said.

Contact: Cr Max Phillips 0419 444 916
From: Simone Schwarz
Sent: Thursday, 30 August 2012 6:02 PM
To: Councillors;
Subject: AKAC figuresDear CouncillorsI have attached a summary in the format previously supplied in a report for the Councillors, based on the P&L sent from Belgravia as at 30 June 2012.

Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre Income and Expenditure as at 30 June 2012

  Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre Income and Expenditure as at 30 June 2012
Total Budget
as at 30 June 2012
Total Income
 $ 2,736,224
$      3,982,134
Total Expenditure
$  3,038,376
$      3,757,512
Net Result
-$  302,152
$       224,622

Marrickville Metro expansion approval is a very bad planning decision

Media Release – Marrickville Greens

22 March 2012

The Greens have condemned the Planning Assessment Commission’s decision to approve the expansion of the Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre, labelling it a terrible planning decision that will harm the community.

“An expanded Marrickville Metro is not only bad for local residents and traffic, but will harm the economic health of our local shopping strips,” said Greens Councillor Max Phillips.

“This decision is a legacy of Labor’s Part 3A planning law that stripped local communities of important planning decisions.

“This decision totally disregards zoning provisions and Marrickville’s urban strategy which is to strengthen existing shopping strips and community hubs.

“Why on earth did the Department of Planning agree to the Marrickville LEP, only to blow a massive hole in it a few months later by approving an expansion to a shopping centre in a zoning where it is not permissible?

“The perception is that while local residents and small time developers have to abide by planning rules, the big players like AMP Capital can ignore the rules.

“The Greens congratulate the excellent community campaign that did have an impact by improving the expansion plans.  However, at the end of the day the community’s wishes have been trumped by AMP Capital’s slick PR and corporate muscle.

“If this development had been decided by the locally elected council, it is clear it would have been rejected outright.  Labor’s controversial Part 3A laws, which have since been abolished, made this expansion possible.  The O’Farrell Government has unfortunately kept many features of the Part 3A system – such as Planning Assessment Commissions deciding developments rather than local councils.

“The Greens will continue to work on Marrickville Council and with the community to minimise the impact of the expanded Metro on the local community, traffic conditions and local businesses,” he said.

Contact: Councillor Max Phillips 0419 444 916

Marrickville Metro development in the Sydney Morning Herald

The Greens are opposed to the expansion for the following reasons:

  • Increased traffic congestion and parking issues.
  • It will hurt local community shopping villages
  • Privatisation of community space
  • The Metro is not located near good public transport or a major arterial road
  • It is surrounded by residential areas
  • The Metro can renovate without doubling in size!

For more on the Greens position on the Marrickville Metro expansion click here.

The community group opposing the expansion, Metro Watch have an excellent website: www.metrowatch.com.au

Marrickville Metro plans massive expansion

AMP Capital, the owners of the Marrickville Metro are about to lodge plans to massively expand the shopping centre, more than doubling its size from 28,000 square metres at present to 60,000 square metres.  Obviously this will have major consequences for Enmore and Marrickville, including massive increases in traffic congestion.  Local shopping strips (decimated when the Metro firest opened) will be badly hurt by the expansion.

The proposal will go through the controversial pro-developer Part 3A development process, bypassing Marrickville Council.

Councillor Peter Olive has put out the following media release

Media release  2 February 2010

Destruction of local shopping strips in Ministers hands

Marrickville Council has been advised that The Department of Planning has received a Part 3A application from AMP to expand Marrickville Metro by over 32,000m2, more than doubling the size of the retail capacity of the site.

“If AMP gets its way and the Metro Supermarket is expanded under the Part 3A it will seriously damage, if not kill off, the shopping strips of Marrickville, Newtown Petersham and Dulwich Hill,” said Greens Councillor, Peter Olive.

“It will be hard to conclude that the Minister isn’t playing favourites with the big end of town if AMP is able to create this jumbo sized centre.”

“AMP’s ambitions seriously contradict the requirements of the state Government’s own Metro Strategy.  It says that in order to justify increased retail in a centre there needs to be at least 2,000- 5,500 residences within radius of 600m2.  If the minister ends up approving this application it will be a case of the tailoring the planning laws for a big player.

“The Metro shopping centre is surrounded by industrial land and the State Government has been extremely reluctant to allow Marrickville Council to rezone any industrial land. It would be very special treatment by the minister if AMP’s industrial land was able to be rezoned when other land, closer to train stations and more suitable for rezoning, has been steadfastly opposed by the Department of Planning.

“There has been a recent spate of applications for new supermarkets, notably at Lewisham Towers and the Marrickville RSL site.  In both cases the community said they didn’t want them.”

“There is enough retail floor space in the Marrickville LGA to cater for the needs of our community.  Our shopping strips have fought back to vitality after taking initial big hits when the Marrickville Metro opened for business in the 1990’s.  The last thing we need is a massive supermarket expansion that will kick them in the guts all over again,” he said.

Contact: Clr Peter Olive 0401719148

Enmore Pool DA passes council

Media release

8 July 2009

On Tuesday night Marrickville Council passed the Development Application for Enmore Pool.

“I think it’s great that this project is going ahead with a 50m pool in the mix,” said Greens South Ward Councillor, Peter Olive.

“I campaigned long and hard to get the 50m pool into this complex and it’s great to have a design that uses no more of the park than the original 25m option.”enmoreartistsimpression

“The Greens have responded to the community consultation and supported amendments to ensure that fig trees and paper barks won’t be affected, that the BBQs will stay where they are, that the park won’t be used for parking.”

“Clearly the community wanted a 50m pool and it’s good to be taking this significant step in getting it built.”

“The pool building has been designed to include current best practice environmental features with south facing sky lights, solar energy and water reuse technology and will be well serviced by public transport,” he said.

Contact: Peter Olive 0401 719 148

Sale of Enmore School in the Herald

The sale of the Enmore school was reported in today’s Sydney Morning Herald on page 5.

Heritage school sale infuriates residents smh_logo

Paul Bibby Urban Affairs Reporter

July 8, 2009

THE former Enmore Public School was snapped up yesterday by a Sydney property developer who plans to convert it into townhouses.

enmore-boys-school-webRay Newey bought the 112-year-old heritage-listed building for $2.8 million at auction, amid accusations that the state Education Department had ignored regulations for the sale.

The heritage listing prevents Mr Newey from demolishing buildings, but he can renovate them to accommodate 15 townhouses.

“It was never going to be a school again once it was sold – the contract with the Education Department forbade it,” he said. “We’re going to preserve the heritage value as much as possible.”

The sale was a blow for activists and the NSW Greens, who had fought to retain the site for educational purposes. They say the number of children in the region is growing.

The department has consistently claimed that demand for education in the area has been static or falling in recent years. But its own statistics show that between 2003 and 2008 enrolments at five schools within a five kilometre radius of the site had risen by 60 per cent or more…

Read the rest of this story on the Sydney Morning Herald’s website.

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