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Action Needed To Save Koalas

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW is urging people across NSW to act immediately to save a small but significant colony of koalas in the state’s south.

Despite great efforts by local activists and conservation groups to protect the colony of koalas, logging trucks have entered Mumbulla State Forest, south of Bermagui. Contrary to assurances from the Minister, the ABC reports the habitat of the koala colony faces imminent destruction.

Protesters at Mumbulla

Local residents and conservation groups attempt to stop logging at Mumbulla

Please ask for Premier Keneally’s urgent intervention to end the logging in the home of the South East’s koalas. Urgent action is needed to let the NSW Government know how appalled you are that it is willing to abandon our iconic koalas and their native forest in return for a quick, unsustainable profit. The only healthy koala colony left in the far south coast is about to be sacrificed so that its old-growth native habitat can be turned into wood chip and exported for low-grade paper products.

How you can help:

Contact the Premier’s office and express your disappointment and opposition to the start of logging.
Premier Kristina Keneally’s Ministerial Office
Address:Level 40 Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 9228 5239
Email: premier@www.nsw.gov.au

Contact Carmel Tebbutt, our local MP and the Deputy Premier – ask if she is aware of the logging in the South East forest and ask her what she is going to do about it!
Email Ms Tebbutt at marrickville@parliament.nsw.gov.au or call her office on 9558 9000

Let the NSW Government know that our inner west community does not support the destruction of native forests and iconic animals – Bermagui may be a long way from Marrickville but we want the koalas and their habitat protected!

Learn more about our iconic koalas (and the massive culls carried out in the early 20th century here).

UPDATE 6th April:Lorraine Bower of ForestMedia reports that full scale logging is expected to resume this Friday (9th April).
In the mean time, Forests NSW have aimed to keep the loggers occupied by clearing a 3 meter strip along the roadside under the guise of “road maintenance.” You can view photos and video posted in the last few days on flickr.