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Waste services to stay in Council control

Media Release 18 September 2013

On Tuesday night the Greens on Marrickville Council voted against a motion to outsource key parts of its waste services.

Outgoing Conservative Mayor Macri moved the recommendation to outsource with the strong support of Liberal Councillors.

The Greens voted with the Labor Councillors to defend the Council’s garbage workers against the outsourcing proposal.

Greens Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore said, “The Greens strongly support keeping council services in-house and in public hands.

“It’s crucial that Council maintains direct control of these essential services, and that the workers that provide those services are afforded decent pay and working conditions.

“The Greens have a strong record of opposing the outsourcing of council services, and were proud to bring apprenticeships back in house under a Greens Mayor in the last term of council,” she said.

The outsourcing recommendation followed a long period of negotiation with the United Services Union to deal with issues such as the high rate of injuries to garbage workers and integration of the management of garbage services with councils other employment processes. The USU presented a petition to the Council meeting signed by local residents opposed to outsourcing.

Clr Ellsmore said, “Outsourcing attempts to cut costs by reducing conditions for workers. It also shifts control of essential services to a private body interested in profit, and not the quality of services to residents.

“Across the State we are seeing Liberal dominated Councils slashing and outsourcing essential services like garbage and childcare.

“As a Green, a unionist and a local resident I was proud to stand in solidarity with our Council workers on Tuesday night against outsourcing,” she said.

Media Contact: Clr Sylvie Ellsmore 0403 977 213

For more information about the Greens campaigns against insecure and temporary work, see the website of Federal MP Adam Bandt http://adam-bandt.greensmps.org.au/worklifebalance and State MP David Shoebridge http://davidshoebridge.org.au/industrial-relations/

Greens Councillors Melissa Brooks and Sylvie Ellsmore signed pledge in support of the campaign to keep the local in local government, August 2012

Greens Councillors Melissa Brooks and Sylvie Ellsmore (r) signed pledge in support of the campaign to oppose outsourcing, August 2012

Greens Slam Fast Track of Marrickville High Rise Tower

Media Release 19 September 2013


The Greens have today condemned the ALP controlled Marrickville Council for its decision
to give the “Green light” to a developers outrageous proposal to building a 16 storey high rise
apartment tower in Marrickville.

Proposed 16 Storey Tower next to Marrickville Station, currently zoned for 8 storeys maximum.

Proposed 16 Storey Tower next to Marrickville Station, currently zoned for 8 storeys maximum. Image as published in 17 September 2013 Marrickville Council papers.

The planning proposal put to Marrickville Council on Tuesday night proposes the construction of a 16 storey building with 120 residential apartments and ground floor retail outlets at 2-18 Station street and 1 Leofrene Ave Marrickville.

In exchange for councils support of the proposal and council selling the developer the road in Station street, the developer has proposed a voluntary planning agreement which does little more than provide for a public forecourt outside the building, a few park benches some trees and some road works.

“This proposal is totally unreasonable, is totally outside what the current planning regulations allow and is not supported by local residents.” said Greens Councilor David Leary.

“Marrickville’s Local Environment Plan only allows buildings to a maximum of 26 metres in this area and this development involves a building of 59 metres, or more than double the height allowed. It also dramatically exceeds many other planning controls” highlighted Clr Leary

“There is no real public benefit from this development. Instead local residents will be stuck with a 16 storey high rise apartment right next door to their homes, massive overshadowing, extra traffic and major disruption during construction” noted Clr Leary.

“I am totally gobsmacked that the Mayor, Labor Councillors and the Liberal Party would all combine to vote to give the ‘green light’ to this proposal without even stopping to think about its impact on the community. It seems to me these councilors think their role is to look after the interests of property developers rather than local residents” said Councilor Leary.

“The Greens voted against this proposal and will work with the community to fight this hideous over-development” explained Councilor Leary

The vote on Tuesday night now means the proposal will be rushed to the Department of Planning with the endorsement of council to proceed through the “Gateway Process” which fast tracks approval.

Media contact: Clr David Leary 0409 421 323 dleary@marrickville.nsw.gov.au

Marrickville Council to master plan McGill Street precinct at Lewisham

On Tuesday night two Green motions were put before Marrickville Council.lewishamcolour02

The first motion was to have Marrickville Council commission a master plan for the entire precinct between Old Canterbury Road and the Goods Line in Lewisham.  A master plan will provide an alternative vision for the urban renewal of the area, with appropriate height and density limits to complement the surrounding community, as well as provision for open space and traffic management.

The second motion confirmed Marrickville Councils official opposition to the Lewisham Towers development, called for it to be assessed by Council rather than by the Minister for Planning under Part 3A, and wrote to local MPs requesting their support for this position.  A similar motion had been voted down by a combination of Labor and Independent Councillors in March.

Unfortunately, it was a busy council meeting and the motions were not debated untilChambers 10.30pm. Despite the hour, residents of Lewisham were present in the gallery and two residents spoke to the motions.

The motion for a master plan was supported unanimously. This is excellent news and council staff have already started to put it into action.  The Greens will be working to ensure community participation is incorporated into the master plan project.

The second motion became the subject of heated debate as Labor Councillors opposed it and supported the use of Part 3A to assess this development.  Independent Councillors Hanna and Macri (who have all but signed up to the ALP) also opposed the motion saying it was ‘political’.

Labor Councillors seemed more intent on defending the local state member and the NSW state government than they are on genuinely representing the local community (not just on this issue).  So they blew hard on their defence of the state government’s pro-developer planning regime and the use of Part 3A for the Lewisham Towers.  They, along with their allied Independents Hanna and Macri, attacked The Greens for leading the community campaign.

Councillor Iskandar (ALP)

Councillor Iskandar (ALP)

Perhaps the lowest moment came when the Mayor Sam Iskandar (who also happens to represent Central Ward which includes Lewisham) began banging on the table and raising his voice in an angry defence of Part 3A.  To me, it seemed his angry speech was directed as much at the residents in the gallery as at other councillors!

It is a pity the Mayoral anger and bluster was undermined by his poor understanding of how Part 3A works, including the ability of the Minister to refer developments back to the local council, and the effect that Part 3A has in bypassing the community and removing democracy from the planning system.

The final vote was tied again with the 5 Greens and Independent Councillor Dimitrios Thanos for the motion, and four Labor and Councillors Macri and Hanna against.  The Labor Mayor then used his casting vote to defeat the motion.  Clearly loyalty to the Labor Party is more important than representing constituents in Lewisham and elsewhere.

The community campaign will go on regardless of the politicking, and the master plan that will now be developed can serve as a focus for the community to communicate their vision for Lewisham to the Department of Planning, the Council and to all prospective developers.

You can read my press release on the two motions here.

Councillor Max Phillips

The McGill Street precinct Lewisham