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Marrickville Metro development in the Sydney Morning Herald

The Greens are opposed to the expansion for the following reasons:

  • Increased traffic congestion and parking issues.
  • It will hurt local community shopping villages
  • Privatisation of community space
  • The Metro is not located near good public transport or a major arterial road
  • It is surrounded by residential areas
  • The Metro can renovate without doubling in size!

For more on the Greens position on the Marrickville Metro expansion click here.

The community group opposing the expansion, Metro Watch have an excellent website: www.metrowatch.com.au

Benyon & Hayward building owned by former Marrickville Mayor James Gould

by Max Phillips

Labor and Independent Councillors want to buy the historical building at 6 Livinstone Road and demolish it to expand a car park for the princely some of about $80,000 per car spot!


James Gould, former Mayor of Marrickville 1897, 1898 & 1905

I recently found out that this building was built and owned by a former mayor of Marrickville, James Gould.   James Gould was mayor in 1897, 1898 and 1905.  He ran a produce business and records for the current building date back until 1905, although it may have been built earlier.

Given this considerable history which no doubt gives the building some heritage status from a social history perspective, I have put a motion to this Tuesday’s Marrickville Council meeting calling for a heritage study to be conducted prior to any purchase of the building.

I do not think Council officers should waste any more time negotiating the purchase of the property until Council is sure it can actually do what it wants to do – demolish the Benyon and Hayward building.

Given climate change, peak oil and the Inner West’s terrible traffic congestion, The Greens are against the expansion of the Petersham car park.  We are also against it because it is financially irresponsible.

Finally we do not support the demolision of a building that seems to have at least some heritage value, as well as being iconic and unsual.

Read the motion here.

You can read more about the proposed expansion of the Petersham car park here.

Update: This motion was voted down 7 – 5, with The Greens for and Labor and Independents against.  The opposing councillors basically laughed about the building having any heritage value, yet refused to conduct an assessment to test this assumption.  Councillor Dimitrios Thanos dared The Greens to hold a referendum on whether the building should be retained or demolished to expand the car park.  The Greens said we’d welcome any such referendum and would be confident of winning it!


Greens say “budget taking Marrickville Council in the wrong direction”

Media Release             18 June

Marrickville Council passed its 2009/10 Budget with big chunks of loan and property reserve money being dedicated to a car park in Petersham and covering Arlington Reserve with synthetic turf. petersham-car-park

“The Conservative Independents councillors are holding hands with the Labor Party and together they are steering council to car parks and plastic grass and away from bike infrastructure and other sustainable projects.” said Greens Councillor Peter Olive.

“We opposed their big ticket items: spending over $1 million for a car park in Petersham and the even more to put synthetic grass on Arlington Reserve.”

“These are very expensive items that could have been spent on the bike budget, solar panels or starting the process for the upgrading the area around Marrickville Station.”

“The money for a car park is of most concern. Over $1million for a car park extension is an irresponsible use of council’s money, especially as this money has to be taken from other projects like the Child Care Centre at West Marrickville.”

synthetic-turf“Council’s contribution to the bike budget is well down. The Greens want Marrickville to take the City of Sydney’s lead and put more money into bike infrastructure.”

“The Greens wanted about $400,000 in funding for Arlington Reserve but an extra $1 million for synthetic turf is unrealistic.”

“It is disappointing that some of the good work of the last few years, undertaken to make Marrickville more sustainable is in danger of being undone,” he said.

Contact: Clr Peter Olive 0401 719 148