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Beynon & Hayward building granted heritage protection at last

Marrickville Greens – Media release

3 September 2014
The iconic Beynon & Hayward building at 6 Livingstone Road Petersham has been granted heritage status by Marrickville Council after over 500 people signed a petition urging heritage protection, and a successful rescission motion passed at Tuesday night’s Council meeting by a 6-5 vote.
“This is a great outcome for the community and preserving our precious heritage,” said Greens Councillor Max Phillips.
“There was a huge response from the community when they learnt this iconic building was in danger of demolition for a car park.  Many people know and love this building.  
“The Greens are pleased that this building will remain as part of the character of our area as well as our history.
“Any redevelopment will hopefully adaptively reuse this building in a creative way,” he said.

A professional heritage study conducted to NSW government guidelines found the building has significant heritage value, is one of the last few examples of this type of industrial architecture left in the Inner West, and recommend it be granted heritage status to protect it.

The Greens first flagged heritage issues with the building in June 2009 when Councillor Macri raised the idea of its demolition for a car park.

Contact: Cr Max Phillips 0419 444 916

Greens will fight to protect Beynon & Hayward heritage building

Marrickville Greens – media release
7 July 2014

The Marrickville Greens have declared they will do all they can to protect the iconic Beynon & Hayward building at 6 Livingstone Road, after Council split 6 – 6 last Tuesday to reject an expert heritage report that the building had significant heritage value.  A rescission motion was lodged, which means the issue will be revisited by Council on 4 August.

The heritage study conducted to NSW government guidelines has clearly found this building has significant heritage value, is one of the last few examples of this type of industrial architecture left in the Inner West, and should be granted heritage status to protect it.

“It would be shocking for Councillors to allow it to be demolished to expand a council car park,” said Greens Councillors Max Phillips.

“I know this is an iconic building that is much loved in our community and the Greens will do all we can to protect its heritage value.

“Development of the council car park and other areas can still occur, it will just need to work with and protect the heritage value.

“The argument that we can’t declare this particular building heritage because it might mess with a developer’s plans and Council’s own wishes to expand the Chester Street car park, goes against the whole notion of heritage protection.>

“Heritage decisions should be blind to who may want to develop a particular site. They should be purely made on whether a building has heritage value or not.

“It concerns me that some Councillors seem to be more concerned about protecting the interests of a potential developer, than about protecting the remaining heritage fabric of the Inner West.

“The numbers are finely balanced on this decision and the ball is in the Labor Councillor’s court.  They can vote to destroy heritage or they can vote to preserve it,” he said.

Contact: Cr Max Phillips 0419 444 916

Attachments: 1) Report on Beynon & Hayward building is here.  2) Transcript of the meeting debate is here. 3) Photo of the building is here.

Great win for Ashfield Park – now government should protect other parks

Photo: Is Petersham Park safe from the WestConnex motorway?

Marrickville Greens – media release

Greens candidate for Summer Hill, Max Phillips said today the announcement that Ashfield Park would not be used as a portal for the WestConnex motorway was a great win for local people power and common sense.  He called on the NSW Government to make a commitment to protect other parks in the Inner West from the motorway.

“It is fantastic news that Ashfield Park will be protected and it is a great win for people power and common sense,” said Councillor Max Phillips.

“The Greens call on the state government to grant other parks in the path of the WestConnex motorway the same protection as Ashfield Park.  In particular, the government should commit to protecting Petersham Park, Camperdown Park, Camdenville Park, and Tempe Reserve and Wetlands.

“The Inner West has the lowest rates of open space in Australia, so what we do have is precious and should be protected.

“The Greens oppose the WestConnex motorway and believe transport funding should go towards public transport options to relieve traffic congestion in the long term.”

Contact: Max Phillips 0419 444 916

Greens vision for local pools realised

Petersham Pool officially re-opened this weekend following an extensive refurbishment, including new play equipment in adjoining Petersham Park.  A series of events were held to celebrate the opening, including games to mark the birthday of its namesake – Sarah “Fanny” Durack. Fanny Durack was the first woman swimmer to win an Olympic Gold Medal at Stockholm 1912 and held every world freestyle record from 100 yards to one mile.

Greens Councillor David Leary said, “The opening of the pool realises a long term vision of the Greens on Marrickville Council, to ensure that we invest and upgrade our essential public services.

“The previous Greens Councillors had strongly supported the upgrade of Petersham Pool.

“However it had been slipping behind current standards, so the Greens on Council worked to ensure it was prioritised on the list of Major Works. Community love this facility as an open air neighbourhood pool and the Greens were conscious to have it remain just that.

“The pool remained open while Enmore Aquatic Centre was being built to ensure swimming facilities were always available in the Council area.

“The new Petersham Pool will provide all the amenity of the old pool but its new filtration system will ensure better water quality. The new café will operate into the pool area and Petersham Park providing improved service to park and pool users alike. Integration of the pool into the park was a major concern when developing the design program to ensure that the historic Petersham Park received the respect it deserves,” Clr Leary said.

Greens Councillor Max Phillips highlighted that the opening of the pool was linked to the ongoing work of the Greens on Council to increase investment in Council owned services. In particular last term the Greens worked to ensure that the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre (Enmore Pool) was upgraded and reopened as an energy efficient, 50 metre pool, café and gym complex.

Clr Phillips said, “Greens councillors championed the pool against some pretty stiff opposition from the other Councillors, so this is really heartening.”

“The Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre is now the most popular service in our local area, for very young families through to our more mature residents. The new pool also generates revenue for Council to invest in other infrastructure and services.

“This result shows Council can deliver big projects that provide the facilities our community wants without being a burden on rate payers. It is great to the Greens vision for the upgrade of Petersham Pool also realised,” said Clr Phillips.

For more about the Fanny Durack Aquatic Centre Petersham including opening hours visit http://www.fdac.com.au

For more info about the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre Petersham visit http://www.akac.com.au/



Plans for the future shape of Marrickville now public

Is the future of Marrickville four and five storey flat buildings dominating our shopping strips?


The future of Marrickville?

You can now judge for yourself as the draft Local Environment Plan (LEP) for Marrickville Council is now public as it will go to next Tuesday’s Council meeting for debate and decision.

The Local Environment Plan controls zoning, height limits and floor space ratio.

Under pressure from the state government to squeeze more 4,100 more dwellings into the Marrickville area, the draft LEP has some considerable increases in height and density in a number of centres, including Lewisham, Dulwich Hill, Petersham and Marrickville.

The draft LEP is now a public document and you can see the maps here.

The new streetscape?

The new streetscape?

Marrickville Council will debate, amend and vote on the LEP at this Tuesday’s meeting.  It will then be sent to the Department of Planning for approval to exhibit.  After that a formal public consultation period will begin.

The Greens have some serious concerns about the draft LEP.  We believe it is allowing too much height and too much density in our shopping strips in the form of flat buildings.  Heritage protection is also stripped back from the current draft heritage areas.  It has the potential to change the character of our neighbourhood centres to resemble Kogarah or Rockdale.

High density street scape

High density street scape

Illawarra Road may end up a tunnel between five top seven storey flat buildings all the way from the Woollies on Renwick Street Marrickville to Marrickville Road.  The precinct around Petersham station could present block after block of flat buildings, while Dulwich Hill shops and Dulwich Hill station undergo an extreme make over that makes them higher and denser.

The Greens will move a series of amendments to the draft LEP to ensure the integrity of the Inner West is not compromised by overdevelopment.

The Greens urge local residents to have a look at the plans and to let councillors know what they think either by email, or by coming to the meeting.

You can apply to speak at a meeting here.  The meeting starts at 6.30pm Tuesday 1 September at the Marrickville Council chambers, 2 Fisher Street Petersham.

Councillor’s emails can be found here.

by Councillor Max Phillips

Which density is best for the Marrickville area?

Have your say on the draft LEP: which density is best for the Marrickville area?

Benyon & Hayward building owned by former Marrickville Mayor James Gould

by Max Phillips

Labor and Independent Councillors want to buy the historical building at 6 Livinstone Road and demolish it to expand a car park for the princely some of about $80,000 per car spot!


James Gould, former Mayor of Marrickville 1897, 1898 & 1905

I recently found out that this building was built and owned by a former mayor of Marrickville, James Gould.   James Gould was mayor in 1897, 1898 and 1905.  He ran a produce business and records for the current building date back until 1905, although it may have been built earlier.

Given this considerable history which no doubt gives the building some heritage status from a social history perspective, I have put a motion to this Tuesday’s Marrickville Council meeting calling for a heritage study to be conducted prior to any purchase of the building.

I do not think Council officers should waste any more time negotiating the purchase of the property until Council is sure it can actually do what it wants to do – demolish the Benyon and Hayward building.

Given climate change, peak oil and the Inner West’s terrible traffic congestion, The Greens are against the expansion of the Petersham car park.  We are also against it because it is financially irresponsible.

Finally we do not support the demolision of a building that seems to have at least some heritage value, as well as being iconic and unsual.

Read the motion here.

You can read more about the proposed expansion of the Petersham car park here.

Update: This motion was voted down 7 – 5, with The Greens for and Labor and Independents against.  The opposing councillors basically laughed about the building having any heritage value, yet refused to conduct an assessment to test this assumption.  Councillor Dimitrios Thanos dared The Greens to hold a referendum on whether the building should be retained or demolished to expand the car park.  The Greens said we’d welcome any such referendum and would be confident of winning it!


Greens say “budget taking Marrickville Council in the wrong direction”

Media Release             18 June

Marrickville Council passed its 2009/10 Budget with big chunks of loan and property reserve money being dedicated to a car park in Petersham and covering Arlington Reserve with synthetic turf. petersham-car-park

“The Conservative Independents councillors are holding hands with the Labor Party and together they are steering council to car parks and plastic grass and away from bike infrastructure and other sustainable projects.” said Greens Councillor Peter Olive.

“We opposed their big ticket items: spending over $1 million for a car park in Petersham and the even more to put synthetic grass on Arlington Reserve.”

“These are very expensive items that could have been spent on the bike budget, solar panels or starting the process for the upgrading the area around Marrickville Station.”

“The money for a car park is of most concern. Over $1million for a car park extension is an irresponsible use of council’s money, especially as this money has to be taken from other projects like the Child Care Centre at West Marrickville.”

synthetic-turf“Council’s contribution to the bike budget is well down. The Greens want Marrickville to take the City of Sydney’s lead and put more money into bike infrastructure.”

“The Greens wanted about $400,000 in funding for Arlington Reserve but an extra $1 million for synthetic turf is unrealistic.”

“It is disappointing that some of the good work of the last few years, undertaken to make Marrickville more sustainable is in danger of being undone,” he said.

Contact: Clr Peter Olive 0401 719 148