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M5 Expansion: Keneally should use launch of transport plan to cancel M5 expansion

Greens MP Lee Rhiannon – 19 February 2010 – Media Alert/Release

With the expected release of the government’s transport plan this weekend and a Saturday rally of residents at Tempe opposing the M5 Expansion, Greens MP and roads spokesperson Lee Rhiannon is calling on Premier Keneally to cancel the RTA’s $4.5 billion M5 duplication project and redirect funding to public transport and rail freight infrastructure (‘Elevated motorway meets with protests, p 2, SMH, http://tiny.cc/Dl8Pg)

Greens MP Lee Rhiannon will join residents at the Tempe protest on Saturday 20 February. Residents in ‘No Way RTA t-shirts’ will meet at 10.45am at Victory Park, South Street Tempe and walk to the RTA Information Day.

“Premier Keneally must use the launch of her new transport plan to drop the M5 expansion, in particular the Southern Sydney Connection which will go through Tempe destroying parklands and dumping approximately 15,000 vehicles a day at Euston Road, Alexandria.

“Ms Keneally should instead turn her attention to public transport, rail freight and active transport solutions which are the key to Sydney’s traffic and transport woes,” Ms Rhiannon said.

“The billion dollar RTA expansion of the M5 is the wrong direction in an era of climate change and peak oil.

“Increased spending on public transport and rail freight infrastructure is the key to dealing with a congested M5 tunnel and increased traffic from an expanded Port Botany and the airport.

“Inner West suburbs will be the traffic sewer for the RTA’s misguided motorway plans.

“The M5 Expansion project is strongly opposed by residents in Tempe, Alexandria, St Peters and South Newtown.

“Premier Keneally needs to listen to the community, including affected local councils, and can the project now.

“Dumping this misguided project at an early stage will save taxpayers millions of dollars in consultants fees, assessment plans and tendering processes,” Ms Rhiannon said.

For more information:
9230 3551, 0427 861 568

Albanese should block funding for M5 expansion


6 February 2010

Expressing support for Tempe residents’ rally this Saturday against the M5 corridor expansion, Greens MP and road spokesperson Lee Rhiannon has called on the Federal Minister for Transport Anthony Albanese to say ‘no’ to Infrastructure Australia funding the $4 billion road project being proposed by the NSW government.

Ms Rhiannon says she will work with the community and local Greens councillors to build on the ‘no M5 expansion’ campaign when NSW Parliament resumes in mid February.

The ‘Rally Against the Road’ is at 11am, Sat 6 February, Tempe Lands, South St.

“This monster road project will destroy residential communities, increase greenhouse emissions and air pollution, induce more traffic and rob funds from public transport solutions. It will also make the controversial M4 East inevitable,” Ms Rhiannon said.

“If Mr Albanese gives the nod to funding the project he will severely erode the climate change credentials the Rudd government is attempting to build.

“Labor at both Federal and State levels has created an enormous traffic problem by expanding Port Botany and Sydney Airport. They are now struggling with the wash up.

“The M5 expansion is a bankrupt, non-solution which fails to consider better alternatives to congestion like public transport, freight on rail and active transport.

“The NSW government has failed to learn from history and is again condemning Sydney to another motorway disaster, like the Cross City Tunnel, the Lane Cove Tunnel and the current M5 motorway.

Lee Rhiannon

“Premier Kristina Keneally has tarred herself with the same old Labor government brush by backing this ill-conceived project before releasing the long overdue Transport Blueprint.

“The M5 feasibility study again shows the government prefers to listen to the RTA and big business rather than local communities and public transport planners.

“The proposed Southern Sydney Connection, a four lane surface road, will crash through the $17 million remediated Tempe Lands, the site of Saturday’s rally, and spew traffic into local streets in St Peters and Alexandria.

“The Inner West community will not thank Labor at the polls for this mega-road project.

“Both Federal and State Labor would be wise to dump the proposal, or see damage at the ballot box,” Ms Rhiannon said.

For more information – 0427 81 568

Govt & RTA refuses to release M4 documents

In a democracy, usually the parliament is the highest decision making body. car_tunnel

In NSW, the Roads and Traffic Authority seem to outrank parliament.

Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon successfully moved a ‘call for papers’ on the proposed M4 East and Marrickville tunnel, but the RTA is refusing to release most of the documents.  The Sydney Morning Herald has a story in today’s paper.

See Lee Rhiannon’s press release on this issue.

See our M4 Tunnel campaign page.

RTA keeps M4 East extension reports under wraps

Media Release  9 October 2009

Greens MP Lee Rhiannon today slammed the Minister for Roads and the RTA for refusing to release key reports relating to the contentious M4 East Extension project, despite the NSW Upper House voting for their release and some already been leaked to the media (RTA refuses to release M4 papers, Sydney Morning Herald today).

Two weeks ago Ms Rhiannon won Upper House MPs’ support for the release of key reports, including a discussion paper on the motorway prepared by the government for community consultation and a report by UK transport consultant Jim Steer which slammed the project.

“Premier Rees claims the days of the secret state are over, but this shows it’s thriving,” said the Greens Roads Spokesperson.

“The government has stamped all documents as cabinet-in-confidence even though some have already been leaked to the media.

“Keeping these documents under wraps means Inner West residents are denied critical information about where the motorway and its polluting stacks will go.

“This is a project with legs. The Rees government says it would love to build it and the federal government is contributing $300 million for planning and preconstruction work.

“Before we know it contracts will be signed and Sydney will have a new motorway built by stealth, with no community consultation.

“The government should be investing in world class public transport, not building new billion dollar motorways that lock us in to a car-dependent future,” Ms Rhiannon said.

For more information: 9230 3551, 0427 861 568

Greens force release of secret reports on M4 East extension

Greens MP and transport spokesperson Lee Rhiannon  won support last week in the NSW Upper House for the release of secret reports and documents on the M4 East extension. The reports must now be available to the public within fourteen days.car-tunnel

“The government has kept the detail of the M4 East extension under wraps for years,” Ms Rhiannon said. “The release of these secret reports will help the community scrutinise these massive motorway plans which will have such an enormous impact on Sydney, particularly the inner west.”

“The Federal government has committed $300 million to kick start this project, yet the RTA refuses to publicly discuss where the motorway will go and where its filtration stacks will be located. These reports and documents should always have been in public view. “It is indicative of the secret culture of this government that the Greens and community groups have had to fight so hard to see them,” Ms Rhiannon said.

What papers will be released:

• The paper produced by consultant Mr Jim Steer on the M4 East extension and any correspondence, including letters, faxes and emails, that relate to the preparation and finalisation of this paper,

• The discussion paper on the extension to the M4 East motorway prepared for public consultation by the Office of the Coordinator-General in the Department of Premier and Cabinet and any correspondence, including letters, faxes and emails, that relate to the preparation and finalisation of this discussion paper,

• The Capital Expenditure documentation relating to the M4 East extension which discusses the ‘Victoria Road Extension.

When these documents are released, we will post them on this site.

More information :  Lee Rhiannon MLC NSW Parliament  9230 3551 – www.leerhiannon.org.au

State Treasurer asleep at the wheel on light rail

Greens MP Lee Rhiannon this week asked the state treasurer Eric Roozendaal whether there was any money in the state budget for the extension of light rail from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill. light-rail

As you can see from the Hansard transcript below, the treasurer wasn’t sure.

They’re also pursuing the immature tactic of extracting money from the hard-up local councils before they’ll put in a cent.  A strange tactic given the state government is meant to fund public transport.


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Lee RhiannonMs LEE RHIANNON: I direct my question to the Treasurer. Will the Treasurer explain why no specific additional funding has been made available in yesterday’s budget for a study into the extension of light rail from its current terminus in Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill? Is the Treasurer aware of the funding source or mechanism alluded to by the transport Minister, David Campbell, in his media statement yesterday in which he said the Government will fund its own study from the existing budget? Will the Treasurer assure local councils that have agreed to make $60,000 available for planning the extension that the State Government will provide its own contribution for the feasibility study in the coming financial year? Is he aware that the proposal for light rail in this corridor included substantial commitments to cycling and pedestrian facilities, and will the Government ensure that this much-needed active transport infrastructure is fully funded?

Eric RoozendaalThe Hon. ERIC ROOZENDAAL: The honourable member’s question is in relation to light rail and the viability study. From memory, I believe we said if the councils make their contributions available we would match that contribution. I will get some further information on the present position.

UPDATE: The treasurer came back the next day with a more detailed response:

18 June 2009
Eric RoozendaalThe Hon. ERIC ROOZENDAAL: Yesterday I was asked a question by Ms Lee Rhiannon relating to a study for the proposed extension of the light rail system in Sydney. As many would be aware, there has been community interest in a proposal to extend the current light rail operation to Summer Hill and possibly Dulwich Hill.

The Government will be undertaking an assessment of extending the existing light rail system. The study will look into a range of issues involved in the proposal to expand the light rail, including the costs, the infrastructure requirements and the likely patronage it would attract.

The Minister for Transport advises that many other possible uses will be considered as part of the study, such as cycleway and walking trail options. I understand the Minister has written to the mayors of Leichhardt, Ashfield and Marrickville in this regard. With a firm commitment from those councils the Government will be able to proceed with this study. The Minister advises me he has not received formal responses from the councils at this stage. I am advised the study will take approximately six months to complete.

It’s still not clear if there is any money assigned in the budget for the feasibility study.  However, it is good news that cycling and walking paths will be considered as part of the study.

UPDATE 2: Lee Rhiannon has put this press release out about this issue.

See Eco Transit’s website for more detail about the proposed light rail campaign.