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M5 East expansion will dump traffic on St Peters

Marrickville Greens – Media Release

4 November 2014

Marrickville Greens Councillor Max Phillips today criticised the M5 East expansion as a disaster for the Inner West, saying that current plans will see the motorway just end at St Peters with nowhere for the traffic to go other than clogging Inner West streets. He also expressed concern that Simpson Park may be ripped up to make way for a widened Campbell Street.

“The M5 East expansion will be a disaster for St Peters, with massive amounts of traffic dumped on streets that will be unable to cope, houses knocked down, and those that remain living in the shadow of a motorway interchange,” said Councillor Max Phillips.

“From the documents released today, it appears that the M5 East will simply finish at Campbell Street, dumping its traffic load, until the rest of WestConnex is built.

“The state government obviously does not know just how congested the streets of St Peters already are, and that they will be unable to cope with having a major motorway dump traffic into the area.

“Widening Campbell Street will impact on existing houses located there as well as Simpson Park. The Inner West already has a shortage of open space, so to lose open space to a motorway is tragic, while the probable compulsory acquisition will impact many residents hard.

“Building new and bigger motorways has been shown both in Australia and overseas to simply add to traffic congestion. WestConnex is a 1950s concept at a time when we should be improving public transport and looking at smarter options to reduce traffic congestion.”

Contact: Max Phillips 0419 444 916


Media Release 5 February 2014

Local bike activists save cycleway from Cooks River to Camperdown

Local bike activists and Greens Councillors on Marrickville Council have successfully defeated an 11th hour attempt to kill a long-waited cycleway project.  The “Carrington Road Separated Cycleway” is the missing link in Regional Route 5, which runs from the Cooks River to Marrickville Station and beyond to Camperdown. The decision by Marrickville Council last night means the final link in the cycleway will be constructed by the middle of the year.

Greens Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore said, “The Greens on Marrickville Council are strong supporters of separated cycleways. Lanes specifically for bikes, separate from other traffic, protect the safety of cyclists and have been proven to encourage more people to cycle.


Greens Councillor David Leary, who represents the Sydenham area, said “We received many submissions from commuters and young families who currently feel unsafe when using Carrington Road. They are particularly concerned about cyclists sharing the road with trucks, and have been calling on Council to build the separated cycleway.

“We also received submissions from people running or working in businesses on Carrington Rd, who will now be able to cycle safely to work,” he said. Other submissions in support of the cycleway were received from members of Bike Marrickville, Bike Leichhardt, Ashfield BUG, ArtCycle, Ride 2 Work and the Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club.

Clr Ellsmore said, “Over the last five years the Greens and local bike activists have successfully defended the Carrington separated cycleway against several rounds of threats, always led by conservative Councillors and a handful of local businesses opposed to the small loss of parking.”

“The most recent threat to came in the form of a recission motion, which was moved by Independent Councillors Macri and Hanna and former ALP Deputy Mayor Tsardoulias at the final Council meeting of 2013. The recission motion effectively placed the project on hold for two months until it could be debated again.

Clr Ellsmore said, “If Council had passed the recission it would have sent the project back to the drawing board & reduced the cycleway to a painted bike symbol on a busy road for years to come. Council would have lost $150,000 in State funding.

“Last night’s vote is a victory for the growing number of cyclists in our local area. The Carrington Road Separated Cycleway will be one of only a handful of separated cycleways in the Marrickville Local Government Area, but the Greens want to see more built in coming years. We have a responsibility to keep our residents and commuters safe,” she said.

Media contact:

Greens Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore 0403 977 213, sellsmore@marrickville.nsw.gov.au

Greens Councillor David Leary 0409 421 323, dleary@marrickville.nsw.gov.au

WESTCONNEX financial impact on Council grows

Marrickville Council may have to shelve plans to install billboards on land it owns and forgo up to $352,000 in rental income from those billboards because of the WestConnex Motorway, a report to be debated at Marrickville Council tonight reveals.

Over recent months Marrickville Council has been investigating the possibility of installing billboards on the ‘Tempe Lands’ which back on to the busy Qantas drive adjacent to Sydney Airport.

An initial estimate by council staff suggests these billboards could bring between $144,000 to $352,000 in net rental income to council over their lifetime.

However, this income is now in jeopardy because of the WestConnex Motorway which is likely to be built across the ‘Tempe Lands’.

“The staff report has advised councillors that because of WestConnex the RMS is not likely to allow council to go ahead with the proposed billboards. This news is yet another slug to Council’s budget and further vindicates the Greens calls for WestConnex to be abandoned” said Marrickville Greens Councillor David Leary today.

“In addition to the $23 million in rental income Marrickville Council will lose because of WestConnex revealed by the Greens last month, it now appears council will also lose a major commercial opportunity to install these billboards. How much more will this motorway cost council, local residents and ratepayers?” asked Clr Leary

“It is deeply disturbing that Labor and Liberal councillors on Marrickville council are prepared to put aside council’s financial interests and that of their own community to try and win support in marginal seats elsewhere in Sydney. Motorways are just a bandaid solution to our transport and infrastructure problems and WestConnex is going to have a disastrous effect on Marrickville residents. Councillors should be putting the interests of local residents and ratepayers first” commented Clr Leary.

The report to be debated tonight asks council to consider whether they wish to spend more money investigating the proposed billboards.

Rather than investing in more motorways the Greens have proposed the money to be spent on WestConnex instead be spent on improving public transport.

Media contact: Clr David Leary 0409 421 323

Map Proposed WestConnex Route 2013

Map Proposed WestConnex Route 2013

WESTCONNEX $23 Million Black Hole in Council’s Budget

The WestConnex Motorway is expected to create a black hole in Marrickville Council’s budget of at least $23 million over the next ten years, the Greens have revealed today.“Council owns two industrial sites at Tempe which it leases to commercial tenants. In it’s 10 year financial plan Council has acknowledged that these properties are at risk of being acquired by the State Government as they are situated in a current road reserve” noted Greens Councillor David Leary.

“These properties currently contribute roughly $2.3 million in rental income to council’s budget each year and these properties are at risk of acquisition if WestConnex goes ahead” Greens Councillor David Leary revealed today.

“If you add that up over the Councils next ten year financial planning cycle this could represent in excess of $23 million lost income for council” commented Councillor Leary.

“Would Mayor Macri and the Labor-Liberal alliance increase rates or cuts services to make up this funding shortfall? These are questions they need to answer if they are not going to join the community in opposing WestConnex” explained Councillor Leary

“Marrickville Council will debate a motion initiated by its Cooks River Advisory Committee this Tuesday which calls on it to oppose WestConnex. The revelation of this black hole in council’s finances adds to the growing list of reasons why WestConnex should be opposed outright by Council” said Councillor Leary.

Media contact: Clr David Leary 0409 421 323