People friendly streets

Over the past 60 years our suburbs have been built around the motor car.traffic-jame

While initially offering individual freedom, there are now so many cars that communities suffer from congestion, traffic jams, noise and pollution.  Once people shopped in their local main street shopping strips.  Now the convenience of car based shopping at a mega-mall such as Marrickville Metro or Leichhardt Marketown has led to a decline in our mainstreet shopping strips and the cohesiveness of the community.

Consecutive state and federal governments have prioritised the motorcar ahead of our public transport system.

The Inner West, particularly suffers from traffic congestion because it is a thoroughfare for traffic from the Sydney’s South-West and Western suburbs to the city.

The Greens have a vision of making our streets more people friendly and ending the dominance of the motor car.

Our policy goals area:

  • Prioritise pedestrians and cyclists over motor cars with the design of our streetscapesbicycle-round-a-bout-web
  • Creating more shared zones and slowing cars down in pedestrian areas
  • Invest in public transport and stop building more motorways
  • Planning controls that promote and enable alternatives to the motorcar
  • Building cycling paths and infrastructure
  • Educating motorists on the rights of cyclists and pedestrians

bike-crossing-lightAt a state and federal level this involves investing in public transport services and providing funding for bicycle infrastructure.  It also means planning laws that encourade mixed use development so that people can work near home and need not commute long distances.  It means revealing and charging the full cost of motor vehicles (such as road construction and repair, health costs from accidents and pollution related illness).  It also means ending the tax perks that encourage car use.

On Marrickville Council The Greens area working to make our streets more people friendly and ending the dominance of the car by:

  • Building infrastructure that slows cars down and promotes the safety of pedestrians such as road blisters, speed humps and cushions, round-a-bouts, pedestrian crossings.flashing-pedestrian-lights
  • Closing local residential streets to through traffic
  • Creating better public spaces, such as squares, parks and entrances to train stations
  • Building raised pedestrian crossings and lights at pedestrian crossings
  • Building better cyclesways, including dedicated and separated cycleways
  • Clearer cycleway markings on the road and integrated continuous cyclesways to link up with cycleways in surrounding areas
  • Installing pedestrian ramps where they are lacking
  • Planting more street trees and other plantings on road blisters and round-a-bouts
  • Opposing the construction and expansion of car parks such as the car park at Petersham
  • Opposing plans for a motorway tunnel under the Marrickville area, with the associated on and off ramps and pollution exhaust stackssolar-raised-crossing-web
  • Lobbying for accessible public transport (no train station in the Marrickville local government area has a lift)

The Greens are keeping a gallery of good street treatments that promote people friendly streets.  If you know a good street treatment you can email a photo to (please provide details of the location).

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