Stopping Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest challenge we face as a society.  The latest science indicates changes to Earth’s climate are happening far more rapidly and significantly than previously understood.  If we are to base our policy on the science than we must reduce our carbon emissions rapidly within the next few

By definition, climate change is a global issue.  Read what the Australian Greens Senators are doing on climate change.  However, every level of government, every community, every business, every organisation and every individual must play their part if we are to stop dangerous climate change.

At a local level The Greens are working on Marrickville Council to lower Council’s emissions and assist local residents and businesses to lower their emissions.

Unfortunately, in many areas we are restricted by state government policies.  For example, the state government BASIX standards for sustainable homes restricts council’s from setting tougher standards.  Ideally, The Greens want to move toward zero-emission buildings, but BASIX stops us pursuing that goal.

Our policies goals are:

  • To drastically and quickly reduce Marrickville Council’s carbon emissions
  • To assist residents and businesses to drastically reduce their carbon emissions
  • To move toward a zero emissions community

On Marrickville Council we will seek to achieve these goals by:

  • setting strong emission reduction targets for Council
  • improving the efficiency of council buildings, facilities,  equipment and street lighting;
  • improving the efficiency of council’s vehicle fleet
  • purchasing greenpower for council’s electricty needs and street lighting;
  • investigating local power generation through trigeneration technologies and renewable energy such as wind and solar;
  • through sustainable purchasing policies;
  • implementing energy audits of homes and businesses;
  • informing residents about rebates for solar hotwater, solar power, insulation etc;
  • planting more trees to soak up carbon;
  • reducing landfill, increasing recycling and reuse rates, composting greenwaste;
  • policies to reduce car use and increase public transport use and cycling and walking
  • planning controls that encourage sustainable buildings and renovations;
  • supporting community initiative and activists;
  • lobbying state and federal governments on climate change policy;
  • lobbying for an end to coal mining, power stations and exports.

Read the latest information on our approach to climate change.

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