The Greens have a vision of Sydney’s Inner West:

  • Ecologically sustainable – low carbon footprint, more native trees in our streets, solar power, rainwater tanks, clean air and clean waterways.
  • People friendly streets – end the domination of the car and traffic congestion, invest in public transport, better bicycle infrastructure, encourage walking, reduce aicraft noise by moving Sydney Airport.
  • Vibrant & diverse community – encourage multiculturalism, maximise public space, put on community festivals, invest in libraries, child care, aged care and other community services.
  • Peace and safety – discourage alcohol consumption and gambling, encourage youth into creative endeavours, avoid draconian policing methods and protect civil liberties.
  • Creative & green economy – policies to encoruage the creative, artistic and green industries to work in the Inner West and provide interesting quality jobs for local people.
  • Community driven decision making – work to create pathways to empower the community to be involved in decisions that will affect their lives.

Specific policies

wind-turbineStopping Climate Change: The Greens are working on Marrickville Council to lower Council’s emissions and assist local residents and businesses to lower their emissions.


Good blister planting on Douglas St Stanmore

Greening Marrickville: The Greens are working to increase the tree canopy in Marrickville, and are encouraging residents to plant verges with native shrubs and ground cover.


Level crossing at Norton Street LeichhardtCreating People friendly Streets: The Greens are working to make our streets more people friendly by making our streets more people friendly by prioritising pedestrians and cyclists over motor cars.


bicycle-symbolPromoting cycling: The Greens are working towards making Marrickville an ideal place for cycling by investing in bicycle infrastructure and through community education