Greens pledge support for a new pedestrian/bike bridge over the Cooks River

Greens Marrickville Council candidate Dr David Leary has pledged support for apedestrian/bike bridge over the Cooks River to improve safety and access and encourage commuter cycling and enjoyment of the local area.

“The existing pedestrian bridge attached to Unwins Bridge near Tempe station is narrow, unsafe and residents are forced to navigate dangerous roads to cross the river,” said Greens South Ward (Magura) Candidate, Dr David Leary.

“If elected I’ll be looking at options for another pedestrian/bike bridge across the Cooks River in South Marrickville.”

“This would provide better amenity by linking the parklands on both sides of the river. The community would have pedestrian access to twice the parkland than is currently available.”

“Marrickville Council’s recent Recreational Needs Study prioritised increased parkland and suggested Council work with surrounding councils in order to provide it. By working with Canterbury Council to build a bridge Marrickville Council would be fulfilling the recommendations of its own study.”

“If we want people to live healthier lives councils need to provide the facilities that allow them to do so. Cyclists, joggers and pedestrians would all benefit from a new, better river crossing.”

“If elected to Council, I’ll be glad to make sure a pedestrian/bike bridge over the Cooks River gets the yellow jersey,” Dr Leary said.

Media contact: Kristian Bolwell 0411638320

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