M5 Expansion: Keneally should use launch of transport plan to cancel M5 expansion

Greens MP Lee Rhiannon – 19 February 2010 – Media Alert/Release

With the expected release of the government’s transport plan this weekend and a Saturday rally of residents at Tempe opposing the M5 Expansion, Greens MP and roads spokesperson Lee Rhiannon is calling on Premier Keneally to cancel the RTA’s $4.5 billion M5 duplication project and redirect funding to public transport and rail freight infrastructure (‘Elevated motorway meets with protests, p 2, SMH, http://tiny.cc/Dl8Pg)

Greens MP Lee Rhiannon will join residents at the Tempe protest on Saturday 20 February. Residents in ‘No Way RTA t-shirts’ will meet at 10.45am at Victory Park, South Street Tempe and walk to the RTA Information Day.

“Premier Keneally must use the launch of her new transport plan to drop the M5 expansion, in particular the Southern Sydney Connection which will go through Tempe destroying parklands and dumping approximately 15,000 vehicles a day at Euston Road, Alexandria.

“Ms Keneally should instead turn her attention to public transport, rail freight and active transport solutions which are the key to Sydney’s traffic and transport woes,” Ms Rhiannon said.

“The billion dollar RTA expansion of the M5 is the wrong direction in an era of climate change and peak oil.

“Increased spending on public transport and rail freight infrastructure is the key to dealing with a congested M5 tunnel and increased traffic from an expanded Port Botany and the airport.

“Inner West suburbs will be the traffic sewer for the RTA’s misguided motorway plans.

“The M5 Expansion project is strongly opposed by residents in Tempe, Alexandria, St Peters and South Newtown.

“Premier Keneally needs to listen to the community, including affected local councils, and can the project now.

“Dumping this misguided project at an early stage will save taxpayers millions of dollars in consultants fees, assessment plans and tendering processes,” Ms Rhiannon said.

For more information:
9230 3551, 0427 861 568

One comment

  • Dear Lee,
    It was great to have you in Tempe on Saturday. Thank you so much for coming along and marching with us and the residents of Tempe, St Peters and Marrickville.
    Kind regards
    Pat McInerney
    Tempe 2020

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